May 14, 2018
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Vietnam travel experience: Things to pack to your trip

Getting the necessary furniture, weather information, security situation about your country will help you to have an ideal holiday. The following experience will help travelers to travel abroad safely, effectively.


1. Identification is the number one



Identification of foreign travel is very important. If you do not have a paper, you will not be able to make your trip. The documents you must have when traveling abroad are Passport, Visa, identity card … The entry and exit at airports in every country have document control points. Traveling to a tourist destination requires a personal document for use in hotel accommodation as well as paperwork. So, prepare your papers and take them with you.


2. Cash and ATM cards



There is no rule for you to bring money to travel, but you need to consider because carrying too much money travel often detrimental to you. Because you will spend time guarding and controlling that amount. You should change the currency before traveling is more active. Credit cards are the choice of quite a few. Some also specialize in credit cards for travel. Do not forget to tell the card issuing bank that you will have international transactions during travel time. In order to avoid the bank locking card when the transaction is unusual.


3. Personal items



If you are unfamiliar with the use of personal items that are available on board aircraft or hotels, you can bring your own. Personal tools include toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, shaving …

Provide yourself a small ambulance package includes basic medical items such as ambulance, gel … some specialized drugs such as a headache, drugs digested, diarrhea, cold medicine, sore throat, fever, Vitamin C, B1. In addition, you may be required to be hospitalized before treatment.


4. Costume


Before you arrange your furniture, make sure that you choose the weather, climate, and location of your destination. It is advisable for you to prepare lightweight, easy-to-clean, fast drying and folding clothes. Quirky jeans or t-shirts, or gentle dresses are always a great option for a  trip to Viet Nam. Add a neatly polished suit for those who go to churches or temples. If you go in the sun, remember to prepare yourself a swimsuit to bathe comfortably.



In addition, Vietnam weather changes erratic, you need to prepare more hat wide rim, umbrella. When visiting different places, you should also note the selection of the appropriate outfit to the terrain to facilitate the move. You can wear flat shoes or sports shoes instead of high heels when visiting the tourist attractions such as Sapa, Ha Giang . Please note to bring a small bag for your own needs and all furniture during the tour you leave at the hotel for the convenience of transportation. Do not bring too many luggage, but arrange enough clothing for the amount of time you spend on your trip.


5. Electronic device


A smartphone (in case you can connect to wifi) makes it easy to connect with family and friends at home, find your way when you get lost, update your trip information. Social and access to some great apps that help a lot for you on the go. Some of the free apps you should install include:



Viber: This application allows you to text and makes international calls for free. However, you need to connect to wifi and your friends/family must also have an account on Viber.

Hostelworld: Help you find and book quickly. You can search for hotels/guesthouses that get good reviews of people to make sure you’re not in a bad place.

Skyscanner: Helps you easily compare airline prices and fair prices throughout the month. Now you can search for affordable flights and flexible schedules.

Bring the camera when traveling. It seems outdated to bring a digital camera in the era of smartphone technology today. However, you should know that even though phones are easy to carry, they do not give you quality photos like cameras. You should pay attention to carrying the backup memory card.


The last and also the most important thing is E-visa


With E-visa visitors can take anywhere as long as they have internet access and receive their visas right on their computer for printing, boarding and crossing the border.

Visitors only need to meet three things: First, have a passport within the prescribed time (usually a minimum of 6 months). Second, fill out online information. Third, pay online is to get an E-visa in the e-mail to print out, boarding and crossing the border.

With the above information Vietnam travel experience, so what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and visit Vietnam right now!

If you have any questions or still considering about Vietnam E-visa, do not hesitate to contact us right away to get support and more information from the best team in the service. Wish you have a safe trip and more fun in Vietnam!


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