May 9, 2018
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Best things to do in the Southwestern of Vietnam

Southwestern of Vietnam is well-known for green rivers, immense orchards, and so many delicious specialties… So, if you come to this place for this time, what do you intend to do first to make your vacation be as complete as possible? In this article, we will show you some of the best things to do in Southwestern of Vietnam. Follow us and let’s start your trip!

Southwestern or South-west is often called by the name of the Mekong River Delta. There are a city and 12 provinces in this area which has made a combination of the featured and special culture here.

Southwestern’s people are friendly, so you will not have to worry if there are any problems in your vacation here. Maybe, you will not find some great and giant architecture in this area but, do not be downhearted, there are so many interesting things for you have to explore. Now, let begin!


Visit beautiful and immense orchards



Southwestern is well-known for so various kinds of fruit which make people be addicted to. If you have a chance to visit this area of Vietnam, do not forget to visit some of the immense orchards here. Cai Be orchard is the largest orchards in the area, so if you do not have any times, let’s visit this place first.

You should have your vacation in the summer cause at this time, there will be so many kinds of delicious fruits. Visiting an orchard in the harvest time, you will have a chance to pick fruit and enjoy it right in the orchard. This will be an unforgettable experience for visitors.


Visit wild mangroves


There are a lot of wild mangroves in Southwestern. In each mangrove, there are so many kinds of wild animal and birds, too. If you a nature lover, so do not miss this experience or you will be regretted it.



Come to the mangroves, you will see so many melaleuca trees cause this kind of tree is the most suitable with the land here. Moreover, you also have a chance to observe the beauty of many white storks in the forest.

Some famous mangroves for you to explore are Tra Su melaleuca forest, Dong Thap melaleuca and stork forest, Ngoc Hien bird sanctuary (Ca Mau), ….


Explore the characteristic culture of each province


As you know, South-west is an area combined with a city and 12 provinces. This makes this area has a combination of special and featured culture from all the provinces.

You can see the Don ca tai tu, you can see the Cai luong or you can see the Southwestern folk song, … All of these kinds of art forms have made the fame of this area with the sweet voice from the farmer singers.



More than that, you will have a chance to try out the featured outfit of people here: the Ao ba ba and the Khan ran. You can travel all over the world but you will never find such a charming outfit than that. The image of the girls in that traditional outfit has become the idea for so many poetic authors and songwriters.


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