May 14, 2018
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Ecotourism in Vietnam – Wonderful experience for nature lovers

Thanks to the mother nature’s favor with thousands of beautiful landscapes, dreamless coastlines, majestic mountains and nature reserves, national parks and so on, Vietnam has attracted millions of visitors from all over the world to come and experience the Ecotourism in this beautiful country.


Everything about Ecotourism


Ecotourism is not only a form of nature excursion and exploration but also an opportunity for visitors to understand the cultural and historical significance of the destination, thereby understanding the great values of the land. This is aimed at promoting a sense of self-consciousness and reducing the negative impact on the environment.


Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, has a characterized tropical climate: hot and humid – rainy. Thanks to the Mother Nature’s favor with thousands of beautiful landscapes, dreamless coastlines, majestic mountains and nature reserves, national parks and many typical types of ecosystem, the country has attracted millions of visitors from all over the world to come and experience the Ecotourism in the land. Moreover, there are many ethnic minorities living in the above mentioned topographic areas. Coming to Vietnam, visitors will also have the opportunity to explore the unique cultural values that are can be found nowhere else in the world.

Therefore, ecotourism plays a very important role in ensuring the development of the tourism industry in association with the preservation of nature and the environment, the human values of the nation through educating the awareness of society and the community on this issue.


Famous ecotourism sites must-visit when coming to Vietnam


Thanks to the Mother Nature’s favor, Vietnam has a lot of great ecotourism sites along the country, from the North to the South. If you have time, you’d better visit all the ecosystem sites on the list cause every site has its own beauty which can be found nowhere else.

In this article, we’d like to suggest you 3 ecosystem sites in 3 areas of the country: the North, the Central and the South. Now, let’s start the trip!


Trang An ecotourism area (Ninh Binh)



Trang An ecotourism area consists of two main sections: Trang An ecotourism area and Bai Dinh pagoda spiritual cultural area. Trang An ecotourism area has many caves in limestone mountains, valleys and underground river systems that create a grandiose, fanciful space.

Trang An ecotourism area also covers a primeval forest with the rich ecological system, including rare species of animals, especially is the white-cheeked ape, a species listed in the Red book of the world.


Ba Na – Suoi Mo ecotourism resort (Da Nang)


Not only famous for the beautiful and long beach, Da Nang is also well-known for the Ba Na – Suoi Mo ecotourism resort.



This area is more than 30km from Da Nang city center, located on Ba Na mountain, 1500m above sea level. Standing on the top of Ba Na, visitors can view out to tens of kilometers. Ba Na has many green forests with rich ecosystems and animals. Coming to Ba Na – Suoi Mo ecotourism area, visitors will have a chance to enjoy the cool climate all year round.

At the foot of Ba Na, the Mo stream and Toc Tien waterfall is also an attractive stop for visitors. With the current ecotourism development, Ba Na – Suoi Mo ecotourism area has changed and embellished to serve the increasing demand of visitors.


Thoi Son island ecotourism are (Tien Giang)


Thoi Son island emerged as a small island between the poetic Tien River. Here, visitors are completely get rid of the noisy and dusty of the city. Visitors will have a chance to experience the peaceful countryside living, walking along the village roads, going to the fruit garden to enjoy fresh fruit, or even lying on the hammock to fall asleep.



Coming to this land, visitors will also have a chance to enjoy the Don ca Tai tu art form. Thoi Son island is suitable for visitors who love the South-West River and looking for the quiet place for vacation and relaxation. This is also the ideal destination for those who love the garden ecotourism.


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