May 12, 2018
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Central Highlands and the hidden beauty in Vietnam

Many people think that the Central Highlands is not the right choice for traveling, because they are still a little afraid of the wild red land, dust, forest, and mountain. However, when you find full of mysteries charms of this land, visitors will not be surprised, touched and attachment that you will not want to leave. With only one Vietnam E-visa, we wil together explore this amazing land!


Kon Tum Cathedral



Nestled in the midst of evergreen forests, Kon Tum’s centuries-old church is a popular destination. A unique feature of the church is the combination of Roman architecture with the ethnic group of Bana house floor, as a kind of a mix between Western and Vietnamese culture.

The church was built entirely by hand with the special material. This is a closed project including the cathedral, the display of ethnic and religious products, communal house, in addition to the orphanage, sewing facilities, brocade weaving, carpentry…


Mang Den ecological tourism area (Kon Tum)


Mang Den National Park is located in Kon Tum and has been a tourist resort paradise for a long time. Mang Den is at an average height of 1250m above sea level, hidden between the forest pine, flowers fragrant and the singing of birds…



The total area of mangrove forest is about 140,000ha. Visitors can see the green vegetation, the vast alternating purple flowers covered mountains, far away are dozens of lakes and white foam streams all day and night.


Kon Klor Suspension Bridge


Kon Klor connects the banks of the Dak Bla river and remains to be the most beautiful suspension bridge in the Central Highlands. Visitors can leisurely walk on the bridge to enjoy the peaceful scenery, the gentle flow of water, the boat moorings anchored on the shore, the children are bathing in the cool river…



On sunny days, the brim of the orange-yellow bridge become even more prominent. However, Kon Klor is the best when the afternoon is down, the sunset creates romantic space that can touch your heart.


Indochina junction


Land and people of the Central Highlands always have a strong attraction to those, who lie self-ravel, especially the Indochina Fork, which borders Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.



Compared to the four poles of the country, the Indochina. The landmark of the mountain is 1,086 m above sea level, with a cylindrical triangular shape, with each face facing a country with the country name and national emblem.

If you want to see the rubber forest in the leaf-falling season, you can choose the end of January to explore the Indochina Fork. If you go in December, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the famous yellow flowers, parallel with many festivals.


Bien Ho


Bien Ho, also known as T’Nung lake, is one of the most beautiful natural lakes in the Central Highlands. Formed from a volcanic crater, this place is full of water all year round and always green. The lake is like the eyes of Pleiku city beautiful and romantic.



This lake is beautiful at every moment of the day. At dawn, the lake is surrounded by mist. At noon, the water turns green. At sunset, the scene tinged with the red color of the sun going down, creating a romantic scene.


Chu Dang Ya


Located about 30km to the North of Pleiku city, Chu Dang Ya is a volcano that has stopped operating for a long time. But with the poetic wild beauty, this is the best destination to attract many visitors.



Volcanic landscape is best appreciated in the dry season with paddy fields, green fields, and blue water. Besides the brilliant yellow of wildflowers, the dark red of grass mink… all colors have created a characteristic beauty of this volcano.


Yok Don National Park


Coming to the Central land, you can not ignore the Yok Don – national park and also one of the largest forest specialties in Vietnam, stretching both Dak Lak and Dak Nong.

In Yok Don, the most interesting is the elephant stroll among the grass, elephants cross the Srepok River rugged, learn the wild beauty, unique species of rare animals and lakes, rivers, waterfalls of majestic Yok Pedestal.



Especially in the days of December and January, when you enter the Yok Don National Park, you will admire the immense leafy forest turning to the red color.


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