May 9, 2018
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Mai Chau, Hoa Binh and everything you need to know about

Located in the west of Hoa Binh, adjacent to Moc Chau district of Son La and Quan Hoa of Thanh Hoa, Mai Chau valley is the top destination for many young people who love the natural beauty as well as the culture of the Mountain People


1. Best time to visit Mai Chau


Mai Chau is a suitable destination for all seasons of the year, however, the best time to travel to Mai Chau is from October to December, or March and April.

November – February: Winter, the air is cold, peach blossom, plum blossom a white corner Mai Chau.

March – April: Cool weather, pleasant season flowers bloom.



May-August: The weather is pretty cool, there are no flowers but have plum, dig for you to pick. In early September, Independence Day attracts thousands of domestic and foreign visitors.


2. Transportation to Mai Chau


Mai Chau is about 140km from Hanoi and the Hoa Binh city, about 60km northwest, to move to the upland district of Hoa Binh, you can choose a motorbike, go in the direction of (Hanoi – Xuan Mai – Luong Son – Hoa Binh – Muong Chau – Mai Chau along Highway 6), or choose the car seat to Mai Chau.

From Hanoi, you can pick up the bus at My Dinh bus station, Giap Bat (with the ticket price of 100,000 – 120,000) to Tong Dau fork and then motorbike taxi to the town about 5km away.



Mai Chau town is quite small so you can rent bicycles to walk around the villages, not necessarily to use motorcycles, in most houses on stilts in the Lack there is a bicycle rental service.


3. Attractive destination in Mai Chau:


Thung Khe Pass



.Thung Khe pass is a place where tourists can feel the cool air is very characteristic of Mai Chau. Visitors are impressed with the majestic nature, beautiful with a soft, winding road covered by fresh green grass. One of the characteristic beauty of Thung Khe Pass is the thick mist, covering the pass that makes people feel that they are lost in Wonderland.


Lac Village, Mai Chau


Lac Village is over 700 years old, people in the Lac are mainly black people living in this life dies with the traditional upland rice and brocade weaving. This place is a gift of mountains and forests for those who love tranquility and tranquility to join in the richness of the green mountains of Hoa Binh.



At present, there are nearly 30 homestays in Lac Village to serve for tourists. Stilt house in the village is high, spacious and clean, keep the old architecture. Inside every service house is fully equipped with blankets, pillows, folding pillows, neat.

Take a walk around the village, you will not see any action to row tourists or invite to buy. Items such as scarves, Thai spread skirts, lovely wallets, bow, crossbow, flute, buffalo, gong, prison and buffalo horns are sold at your doorstep, Take pictures without fear of being noticed or complained, including not buying or causing the owner to be sad.


Mo Luong Cave



Located in the Pu Kha mountain range of Mai Chau town, about 2 km from Lac village. Mo Luong cave is an ideal tourist destination for those who love to explore and find strange feelings when coming to Mai Chau. Mo Luong cave also has another name that the White Thai people named Bo Luong. Bo Luong means big water. Mo Luong cave consists of 4 main motifs, famous for its stalactite system forming many unique shapes. In the resistance war against France, this place used to be the base of the meeting of the army and our people. After the end of the journey to explore the Mo Luong cave, in the last cave, visitors will admire a stream of underground water flowing to the lake nearby.


4. Guesthouse in Mai Chau


In Mai Chau, there are two famous tourist villages: Lac village and Pom Coong village. There are many guesthouses that provides accommodation services in the form of tourist accommodation. collective sleep, each with a cavity (full blanket pillow cushion for each person). If you do not feel comfortable with this type of vacation, you can completely visit the tour, order food, participate in cultural activities and then back to Mai Chau Town to rest.



Below is a list of some Mai Chau guesthouses:

House on stilts 01:

Address: Lac village, Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province

Phone: 0915 833572 – 0166 3245556

House on stilts 02:

Address: Lac village, Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province

Phone: 0974 604719

Anh Dao Hotel

Address: District 4, Mai Chau Town, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

Tel: 0218 3867231

Guest house of Mai Chau

Address: Mai Chau Town, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

Tel: 0218 3867262


5. E-visa


Electronic Visa or E-Visa is a legal permit issued by a competent authority of the country in which foreigners applying for an electronic visa want to enter through the form of sending and printing files from personal email. The issuance of E-Visa is based on the fact that foreigners have completed the procedures and payment of fees in accordance with the Internet.

In Vietnam, from 2017, the online issuance of E-visa will be piloted online for visitors to enter Vietnam with the maximum duration of no more than 30 days. The first time an e-visa application will be piloted for citizens of 40 countries.

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