May 9, 2018
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Homestay travel in Sapa and some tips you should know

Homestay is a new form of tourism in Vietnam in recent years, but it has quickly spread among visitors all around the world. During the homestay trip, you will be staying with indigenous families, eat together and find out the daily life of the host. If you travel to Sapa and want to discover about food, people, life, the traditional culture of ethnic minorities, homestay is definitely the best choice.

Currently, Sapa is one of the most famous places for homestay tourism. Are you planning to experience this new form in your next self-sufficiency Sapa trip? Then quickly learn some of the tips below to make your trip complete.


Find out the information and reservations



This is the first and important step in any trip. You need to find the famous website for reservations. Beside the Sapa hotel options, you will easily see the homestay options. In addition to considering the price to suit your budget, you need to pay special attention to the room, special requirements or intolerance of the owner. If you can find the phone number, you should contact the host directly for convenient exchange and agreement.

In case you travel with a group of friend, you should ask someone to go straight to the homestay place to ask the guests staying at that house for more details about living conditions and security in that place.

The homestay in Sapa is usually concentrated in tourism villages such as Ta Phin, Cat Cat, Ta Van, Lao Chai… Some homestays we can suggest for you as Gem Valley Sapa – homestay quality is also coffee Created by a couple of Hanoian artists, Cuong An Homestay, Tavan Chopai Homestay.


Preparing luggage and gifts for the host



As Sapa is a highland, the climate is cold all year round, especially in winter, the temperature is often below 10 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you should prepare enough warm clothes, personal accessories, and necessary medicines for your trip to Sapa.

In addition, it is very important to leave a positive impression on your family host first and to make the relationship last longer. If possible, you should prepare a small gift such as a fine art from your local to present the host. It also helps to exchange culture, promote the image of your country more than ever.


Get on well with the host family



You need to learn how to accept the differences in culture, language, lifestyle between you and the host. For example, if your host cooks a dish is not at a good taste as you want it to be, then you should be happy to accept, do not show that you dislike it. Besides, be active in daily tasks such as cooking, dishwashing, gardening with the host.

if you are open-minded and a bit talkative, the host will not hesitate to share with you the traditions of their people, they can even invite you to attend their ceremonies and cultural activities. Some small gestures might show your customizable abilities in your homestay journey.


Keep your attitude of respect, warmth, and harmony



Not only you need to respect the host but also the guests who are in the house with you. Respect the privacy of each person, do not infringe on the personal belongings of others, knock on the door before entering the room.

Especially when traveling to Sapa in homestay style, you have the opportunity to meet up with many different people, each ethnic group has a specific culture. For example, the “wife stolen” of the Dao Do ethnic group, the habit of “clapping the butt to choose wife” of the Mong, or “sleeping over” of the Muong people. Therefore, you need to show respect for the customs of the family, never show disdain or disparage just because it is not as modern as you usually do in your life.

Also smile on the lips or warmly greet when meeting with family members is a secret to help you get the good feeling by the host.


Learn to observe


Do not just observe and talk to the host but try to enjoy the life outside your homestay, discovering the surroundings, observing, talking with neighbors also gives you an unforgettable experience.


Say thank you and save the memory



Before leaving your host family, do not forget to say a sincere thanks to your hosts. It will be great to save your images as a sincere, respectful hostess. Especially, if you can leave the guestbook or a photo to the host, you will surely remember the feeling attached to Sapa.


One more thing…


The last thing you need to have the most wonderful trip is Vietnam E-visa. This is an important and item you need to own if you want to enter Vietnam.

Unlike the traditional visa that costs you so much money, time, and effort, E-visa is a perfect option for its amazing benefit:

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If you are still hesitating and wondering about this magnificent E-visa, contact us right away for full support, we will ensure an amazing trip for you from the beginning. Let’s go and get it now!


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