May 10, 2018
Travel Tips

Charity travel – A must try experience in your lifetime


You certainly have traveled a lot of times in your life to relax and to explore the beauty of places all around the world. But how many times have you experienced a charity travel? If you had not tried it before, so, you absolutely would like to experience it with us one time in your life.

Follow this article and we will show you everything about a charity travel, that will make you feel excited.


Charity travel – a brand new definition of travel


Nearly years, many people have chosen a charity travel instead of many attractive and beautiful destination with high-quality hotels or resorts. This new kind of travel brings visitors not only a relaxing trip but also a significant trip with empathy and sharing.

With charity travel, each trip will not only be a journey to explore the many beautiful destinations of Vietnam but also a journey to bring joy and happiness to the children in different disadvantaged areas throughout the country. By joining this kind of travel, visitors have contributed a part of their effort to bring great human values to the society.

Would you like to be a part of this significant trip? Let us show you some of the attractive and charming destinations of Vietnam. Now, be ready for your charity travel trip!


Majestic Ban Gioc waterfall in Cao Bang province



If you want to observe how majestic the beauty of nature, so Ban Gioc waterfall will be your best choice. Located in the Northwestern of Vietnam, Ban Gioc waterfall owns a combination beauty of the majestic and poetry scenery. This destination is very suitable for adventurous visitors who love to conquer the great of Mother Nature.

The best time for you to come and visit this place is from September to December.


Flowers Triangular Circuit field in Ha Giang province



Mother of Nature has never made visitors of Vietnam be disappointed by providing some of the most beautiful and peaceful scenery in the world.

From December, the flowers triangular circuit in Ha Giang is blossoming brilliantly. In this time, hundreds of visitors come here to observe it. Besides, you can pay a visit to some nearby place along your trip to do the charity work such as: giving gifts to children or playing with them, teaching them English…


Immense terraces in Mu Cang Chai, Lao Cai province



Mu Cang Chai is a well-known destination for visitors who love charity travel. In autumn, this destination has immense terraces, stretching to the horizon. Anyone who witnesses this scene will be deeply touched. The best time for you to visit this place is from August to October.

Beside, Lao Cai is not only well-known for the beautiful destinations but also the hardness of people here. The people of Ethnic H’mong have a lot of difficulties in their life, especially, the children do not have a chance to learn. If you have visited the place, please do not forget to give the people and the children some help by giving them food, teaching them or playing with them. At least, this will help them feel better in their hard life.


Vietnam E-visa – Save your time, your money and your effort


With all of these above pieces of information, are you ready for a charity travel to Vietnam this summer?

A charity travel will not only ask for a long period of time but also your money and your health. So do not make yourself be tired of applying for a visa to Vietnam by entering the website Vietnamese Embassy. Instead, you can try a brand form of visa which is very popular with travelers to Vietnam, E-visa (Electric Visa).

E-visa is a kind of visa which allows you to stay in Vietnam for a period of time for 28 – 30 days, depends on the purpose of the trip (traveling or work). Applying for an E-visa is very simple. You just need an Internet-connected device, a budget of a little bit more than 40$, so you already can apply for an E-visa at your home. Thus, you will save your time, your money and your health to be ready for your upcoming charity travel trip!

To help you apply for an E-visa in the easiest way, we suggest you enter the website: to apply for one. Vietnam E-visa is a prestigious and experienced unit which can help visitors get their visa to Vietnam quickly and conveniently. Vietnam E-visa own enthusiastic and well-trained consultants to answer all the questions of clients 24/24 hours a day. “Satisfaction or Getting your money back” is the operation motto of the company. So you can put your trust in Vietnam E-visa and wait for your E-visa in more than 10 days after applying.

A significant is waiting for you! A vacation more than a normal one is a vacation with love and sharing. So do not let grass grow under your feet, applying for an E-visa with Vietnam E-visa and come to Vietnam right this summer!


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