May 6, 2018
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The adventure travel in Vietnam: not for the weak heart

In addition to the sightseeing tours, discover new things from nature and indigenous culture, experience to feel a different life, adventure tourism is also one of the types of tourism is attracting crowded the interest of many visitors, especially the passionate sensation.


Rock climbing


Mountain climbing takes two main types depending on the preferences and needs of each person: climbing the mountain and conquering the actual mountains.

The advantages of climbing in your home will not have to be hard, as well as feeling safe and light. However, for those who are really passionate about their senses, conquering the mountains will actually make them feel more fulfilled.

Rock climbing can also be considered a sport for passionate enthusiasts. During the climbing process, each person or pair of well-equipped safety equipment will cling to gradually climb down. For increased safety, track and coaches are available on the top and bottom of the mountain to provide instructions for each case.



With this activity, when looking down the cliff standing up, fear will appear permanently not only for Vietnamese tourists but also foreign tourists too.

Now in Vietnam, you can experience adventure climbing in Ngu Hanh Son (Da Nang), Cat Ba, Ha Long, …

The cost of this adventurous rock climbing activity is about $ 57 per person.


The rope crosses the falls


This adventure tourism service is currently being exploited at the Danlanta Falls (Dalat). To participate in this game, players will be guided by different difficulty levels. The first is the practice of over 15-18m, followed by a short waterfall and a 25m high waterfall. The difficulty will be increased according to the player’s adaptation. Join this game, you can also be dropped on the worn rocks or jump into the waterhole from the cliff …



Not only have to overcome the feeling of wariness, fear when standing in the midst of cliffs standing, visitors also face extremely strong streams of water flowing directly into the face, into the body.

The cost of one trip is about 800,000 VND / person.




Bungee jumping is for those who love to explore their limits or desire to conquer height. As you jump from above, it seems your whole world is in a hurry, your heartbeat and your breathing are getting higher. Participants will experience a variety of emotions, from anxiety, fear, to fun, to excitement.

The string will be tied to the player’s leg. After deep breathing and getting ready, the player will fall free until the zipper is at a safe distance. Trying to feel “dive” into space, somersault, and wind will be an unforgettable experience.



Currently, bungee jumping is only available in Nha Trang with a height of 15m. However, according to many people, this is still not appropriate height to bring a sense of excitement in the sense.




The rope of adventure forces the player to overcome the fear of heights. In this game, the most frightening moment is plunging from the top of the mountain. When flying in the air with the top of the cable, the rest of the feeling is just excitement.



Zipline does not make you feel tired of exercising, but it will make you extremely nervous if you do not overcome the fear of heights. You can go to Quang Binh, Hue, Da Lat, Madagui Forest Park (Lam Dong) … to try the excitement of the zip line game for about 500,000 VND per person.



Highwire is an outdoor gaming experience made up of multiple boards mounted on a cable post, tied to a tree or concrete post. Players will go through many challenging stages, increasing the difficulty level.

This game originates from a type of traffic in high altitude areas where it is difficult to build roads. It’s quite dangerous and requires a high level of courage, balance, windswept, high altitude experience … But this game is quite addictive.

At every turn, you have to be highly focused to overcome obstacles such as climbing a ladder, crossing hollow planks, crossing a wooden bridge or walking on a cable, etc. All of them are set at a height. relatively. The obstacles will be installed in the forest to create a sense of friendliness, close to nature and increase the excitement for the player.


This game may consume a lot of energy, sometimes causing you to feel stressed at accidentally slipping your hands, slipping at an altitude of 6m above the ground. Although wearing protective gear such as hats, belts, gloves, mattress pillows, etc., it is dangerous and difficult to overcome the pressure of yourself.
Currently, Highwire is available in Hue and Da Lat with the price of 500,000 VND / person.


What are you waiting for? All you need to do is apply visa to Vietnam


The Government of Vietnam allows citizens of 40 countries in the world to enter Vietnam for the purpose of tourism, seeking economic partners. through the electronic visa system (e-visa). This is considered as an important step in the administrative reform of immigration procedures of the Government of Vietnam.

The fees start from 40$ and only apply for the successful application. The type of entry is only for single entry, so it suits for tourist or business purpose.

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