April 23, 2018
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Ha Noi Travel: Street food you must try

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and also a city with a long tradition, history, and culture. The old town and citadel attract tourists with the ancient look of the typical street and the outstanding relics such as Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam. Meanwhile, newer buildings such as the Sofitel Metropole Hotel are boldly marked by the French colonial era. French Quarter has the Opera House and the One Pillar Pagoda, two famous attractions cannot be ignored when traveling to Hanoi. Other monuments and landmarks in Hanoi include Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Guom Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, West Lake, Perfume Pagoda and famous museums such as the Museum of Ethnology.


Hanoi cuisine is one of the charms of visitors everywhere poured into the land of thousand years of civilization. The most famous dish in Hanoi is pho, but many other dishes from the luxury to the “pavement” that visitors do not miss the opportunity to taste. All have contributed to making a loved Hanoi – the capital thousand years of civilization.


1.Snail Noodle



This is one of the dishes that anyone who has lived in distant Hanoi remembers, especially women. The noodles are the sour taste of sour vinegar, crispy snail’s snack, served with fried tofu, vegetables … Cooking noodle is not difficult, but a bowl of delicious noodles is still the secret of each person. Come to Hanoi, you can enjoy this dish in: Mrs. Sau Sau – 73A Mai Hac De Street (sold from morning to noon), Mrs. Luong’s snail in Khuong Thuong Street, Bun Beef noodle soup, 1 Hoe Nhai, noodles snail in Nguyen Cao market (No. 5 Dong Mac, Dong Ma Ward, Hai Ba Trung District). Price from 30.000VND / bowl


2. Dried beef salad



The main ingredients that make up this dish are green papaya, dry beef, herbs and especially sweet and sour fish sauce. You can easily find many places to sell this, but if you want to enjoy the delicious dumplings you should go to Hue Guest House on Ham Long Street, opposite Ham Long Church (Ham, tendons, spleen, liver, spleen …); Long Vi House on 23 Hoan Kiem Lake (restaurant Tau Ho) … price from 20.000VND per rate.


3. Chicken Feet Barbecue



In Hanoi, the most famous selling place for chicken is Ly Van Phuc street (Nguyen Thai Hoc street). Chicken wings and legs are aromatic, mixed with sweet potatoes and honey spread bread, cucumber pickled vinegar, chili paste … is a delicious dish you can not refuse. All of Ly Van Phuc Street sells chicken leg grill but the rumor that the last restaurant is the best. For only VND 50,000 / person, you have a great barbecue chicken feet.


4. Bun Cha



Bun cha Hanoi has been imported to many provinces and cities across the country. Among the many essence dishes of the Ha Thanh, Bun cha seems easy to fit the cuisine of the guests from all places. Pork pieces are sliced just enough, seasoned marinated to absorb and then baked on the charcoal, then drop into the bowl of sauce, vinegar, sugar and lemon, eaten with vermicelli and vegetables … delicious. However, eating bun cha in Hanoi has a different that is more than the basil, special herbs of Lang Village – Hanoi. You can enjoy delicious Bun Cha at 34 Hang Than, Hanoi.


5. Banh mi



Banh mi Ha Noi is a dish that appears from the French time with the raw materials together such as pate, eggs, meat… It is not picky eaters, nor is it reserved for anyone. Dishes from children to old people are also crushed. Bread not only can eat breakfast, but bread can replace lunch or dinner, even the evening meal.

Bread of the old quarter is located at 38, opposite the noodle shop nibbled in the Dinh Liet Street. There are many kinds of food to choose from such as dumplings … but the main dish here is still sandwiches with familiar ingredients such as ham, pate, cauliflower. It is not known exactly when the restaurant was born, but the bread here is quite famous for its own materials, especially the price is quite soft for a restaurant in the old town. The price of a sandwich ranges from 20,000 – 25,000 VND, you can own a hot bread with many delicious ingredients, extremely suitable for the cold weather of Hanoi. If you want to taste bolder than you can ask for more heirloom sauce for this dish.

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