April 23, 2018
Travel Tips

Amazing experiences in Ha Long Bay – Have you tried?

Ha Long Bay is a tourist destination that you should travel once in a lifetime, and see how the natural landscape is created in a very natural way. These following information are some shares for you to have the best travel experience so that you can save money and enjoy your trip.


Which season should you go?


Ha Long Bay is located in the North of Vietnam, you can travel to this destination also at any time of the year, the best of which will be from April to October. You will find it a little cold and very pleasant for the weather in these months.



Even so, winter is also the good time for you to be here, which spread from December to the next February. The weather will get a little cloudy and cold, sometimes with heavy rains, but still very fascinating with the misty scene of nature.

In the summertime, many tourists come here to relax. However, during the summer months, which normally from May to October, the storm might appear and the temperature is quite high.


How to travel to Ha Long Bay?



Ha Long City is 177 km away from Hanoi, it takes about 3 to 4 hours to go by car. Most tourists book tours from Hanoi, including transportation to Ha Long Bay as well as accommodation (on the boat or in the hotel), including tour guides and lunches. If you go to Ha Long Bay on your own, then you can pick up the bus in Hanoi (Hoang Long Express) from Kim Ma station on Nguyen Thai Hoc street. They have the schedule to Ha Long every 15 minutes.                                          


Ha Long Bay travel experience


If you only travel in Ha Long Bay then you can be there for two days. You should take the first trip in the early morning around 7 am. At 11.30am you will arrive Bai Chay, then you can pick up motorbike taxi to Bai Chay (Ha Long). At this time, you might have lunch at some restaurants near the port, which the price is not expensive, and there are many dishes on the menus for you to choose.



In the afternoon, you can buy a ticket to the harbor and ask about the ship to visit the Bay. If you are traveling with a group of friends or your family, it is advisable to rent a private boat, at a price of 1.5 – 1.7 million Vietnam Dong / 4 – 6 hours (in the tourist season from May to August, the price may be higher).

There are 2 types of tickets to visit Ha Long Bay on that day, which are the ticket of 4 hours and ticket of 6 hours. The 4-hours ticket allows you to visit Thien Cung, Dau Go cave, Ga Choi, and hovering around the bay at close distance. The 6-hour ticket allows you go to Thien Cung cave, Ga Choi island, Ti Top beach, and wander around the bay with further distance.



If you are not tired after the bus from Hanoi, then you should go to Bai Tho mountain to climb in the afternoon of the first day. In the early morning of the second day, you can visit the Bay with a 6-hour ticket. From the top of the mountain, you can see the whole of Ha Long Bay. This tourist destination may not be included in many tours.


Destination to visit in Ha Long Bay


You should definitely take a boat to Dau Go island, then keep walking through the steps up to the mountain, explore the cave inside, so you should go to both caves. In the cave, there are many beautiful animals and stalactites. At night, you can go to Ha Long Night Market to shop small souvenirs. One thing to be noticed, you should bargain when you buy anything because the price might be pushed so high. Also, you can walk to the central area, turn to the city’s Post Office, rent horse carts around.



In addition, if you go to Hon Gai area, yet far from the tourist center, but close to the city of Ha Long, you can enjoy the food and learn about the life of Ha Long. In this area, you can visit Long Tien pagoda, enjoy the crispy pastry cake, eat more popular but delicious food, which might be way better than the food in the resort. You can take a bus between the two areas, the Hon Gai area will be more suitable if you are a student for the cheap price and great adventure.


E-visa – The best “gate” to enter Vietnam


If you hold a valid passport, then you can definitely apply visa to Vietnam. As you may know, the E-visa is the visa, which has 30 days validity and valid for single entry. It costs you a fixed fee of at least $25 USD. You only need to ensure that your passport has at least 6 months of validity.

The next steps are very simple, and completely be able to process online:

Upload a passport sized photo.

Upload your passport’s data page

Fill out your personal information such as your address, travel dates, etc.

Verify information, go on to payment.



Do not forget to note the reference number that keeps popping up when you apply visa, you will need this to come back to the website to check if your E-visa was approved.

One more thing, you must bring the printed E-visa with you to check into your flight.

The trip is ready for you to “set sail”, we are always here to help you also, all you need to do now is pick up your E-visa, pack your things, and start the adventure right away!


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