May 2, 2018
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Vietnam – Everything to know for your next trip

Vietnam, the country is often referred as the S-shaped land, is a small country but inside it, there are so many things to explore and to admire. Hard-working, resilient and friendly people; beautiful and breath-taking landscapes; addicted dishes that make visitors from all over the world love to enjoy… All of these reasons have made a beautiful Vietnam that anyone would like to visit.


Multi-topographic structure country


Vietnam is located on the Indochinese peninsula, in Southeast Asia. This country has a variety of terrain structures, ranging from the North to the South, with four major types of terrain: the Delta, the hills, the coast and the continental shelf.

Thanks to the diversity of terrain, Vietnam has many famous landmarks, such as majestic mountains, bold green rivers, vast rice fields and beautiful endless beaches, attracting millions of tourists every year.


If you have enough time, you definitely must enjoy the beauty of all these images to remember about a Vietnam is dubbed as gold forest and silver sea. Some places you must visit to explore all types of terrain of Vietnam such as the hills at the northwest, the Mekong Delta or the Red River Delta, the sea in the Central or the islands in the South of the country…


Special and diverse culture


With the presence of more than 54 ethnic groups across the country, Vietnam possesses a diverse, multi-ethnic culture. Each ethnic in the country has a very characteristic culture makes a beautiful cultural picture that everyone is interested in learning and exploring.

If the Kinh people have folk songs with the charming and beautiful Ao dai, so the Khmer people have the heritage of the space of gong culture in the Vietnam Highlands which was recognized by Unesco, and so many other ethnic groups with the cultural beauty of the national identity.

Not only that, each tribe has a long history and their customs are extremely special. If you are a lover of exploring the culture of countries around the world, Vietnam is definitely a great destination for you. You will have a lot of beautiful photos, useful information to help you have valuable knowledge when traveling to this beautiful country!


Typical seasonal climate


If according to geographical regions, Vietnam has three regions: the North, the Central and the South, the climate is divided into two regions of the country. Half of the country to the north, there are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Half of the country to the south, there are only two seasons: the dry season and rainy season.

At the same time of the year, if you go along the country, you will have a chance to experience different weather patterns according to the characteristics of each region.

The average annual temperature in Vietnam falls between 22℃ – 27℃ (71.6 ° F – 80.6 ° F). The best time to travel in Vietnam is in the early summer or late summer to early autumn and early spring (from March to May; from August to October or from February to March). This is the time when the weather in Vietnam is the best of the year. You will not have to worry about the harshness of the weather and the huge temperature difference between your hometown and Vietnam so you can enjoy your trip perfectly.


Paradise for food lovers all over the world


If you are a lover of delicious food, you must come to Vietnam right this summer!

Known as a food paradise for food lovers, Vietnam has hundreds of delicious dishes that many travelers always remember when leaving. Each region of the country has very featured and attractive specialties.

Especially, the street food in Vietnam is also one of the great things that you can not ignore. Some of the dishes are on the list of must-eat dishes on the food map of the world.



Some of the visitors even told me that they can’t help loving the food of Vietnam, so each year they have to come back and enjoy the delicious food once again. If you have a chance to come to Vietnam, remember to treat your stomach well and do not forget to try some specialties such as Pho, Springs roll, Bread, … Believe me, you will never be disappointed about that!


E-visa – Best visa for a convenient trip


As you know, if you want to travel to a country, you must have a visa. But if you qualify for a visa exemption in that country, you can skip this procedure. So remember to check the requirement before your trip.

In case you need to apply for a visa, try a new form of visa that is popular with a lot of travelers: E-visa. This is a form of electronic visa that allows you to stay in that country for a period of 28 – 30 days for work or travel purposes.

You can visit the website: for more details on how to apply for a secure, convenient and fast E-visa.

There are a lot of E-visa features that users love. First, applying for an E-visa is very simple. Then, you will not spend too much time and money, instead, only one Internet-connected device will be able to make your application.


E-visa – Best visa for a convenient trip

E-visa – Best visa for a convenient trip


Please visit the website: to apply for an E-visa quickly and economically.

Vietnam E-visa guarantees to bring you absolute satisfaction. If there is anything you are not happy with, we promise 100% refund. The dedicated team of consultants is available 24 hours a day.

A paradise with thousands of interesting things is waiting for you! So do not hesitate to apply for an E-visa and come to Vietnam this summer!


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