April 26, 2018
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Sapa travel: Conquering Fansipan Peak Experience

Sapa town in Lao Cai province, with the topography 1600 meters higher than the sea level. Beautiful mountain air and beautiful wilderness are the factors that help Sapa become a famous resort in North Vietnam. Here, visitors can conquer Phan Si Pang peak of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, look at Ham Rong flower garden and explore the Muong Hoa valley. Other places of interest when traveling to Sapa include Silver Falls, Love Falls, Ban Ho, Sapa Market.

September to November is the time of Sapa landscape (Lao Cai province) in the most beautiful. Comfortable air, natural and human harmony as well, beautiful as water painting … It can be said that it is the only feature in Sapa has kept the visitors for a long time.


Conquering Fansipan Peak – The Roof of Indochina


Fansipan is the highest mountain of the Indochinese Peninsula (3,143 m), located in the heart of Hoang Lien Son Range. Although only 9 km to the southwest of Sapa, if you walk, climbing it takes 6 to 7 days to conquer the mountain. Currently, many climbers both professional and amateur seek to conquer the peak Fansipan. They can follow the tour of travel companies or organize themselves with the guidance of local people, ethnic Mong, Dao (Cat Cat).

On the way to the top of the mountain, visitors will discover the flora and fauna of the Hoang Lien Mountains. There are many Hoang Lien, a precious medicine, precious woods, birds such as chicken, bears, monkeys, chamois, birds.



However, it is the highest mountain in our country, the majestic in our country is not easy to conquer. You will not just love. You have to really crave to be conquered. and in particular, you have to have good health, good spirits and have a big heart that passion.


Climbing time


If you just visit beautiful sights of Sapa, you can go on any season of the year. But to have a good trip to conquer Indochina, you need to find out.

Experienced climax Fansipan of many professional players in October, November, Sapa weather is quite beautiful, convenient for the journey to conquer. If you want to see the beautiful landscape of the sky from thousands of meters high, you should go in September or April. At this point, the variety of blooming flowers bloom. Local people are doing seasonal work on terraced fields. The sky is like falling into your eyes.



Things to Bring for your Climb


Sapa tourism and especially conquering Fansipan is not a simple journey. So before you go, you have to arrange, consider bringing the most useful items, most convenient.

Some widgets recommend that you bring along:

Backpack: You should choose a lightweight, durable travel backpack, and a strap on the chest and abdomen to fix the backpack.

Shoes: choose quality climbing shoes, high collar, cling, water resistance and sweat absorption. And shoes should fit in the foot.

Satchel: bring 3-4 pairs of socks and all types of high heels to keep warm, anti-squeeze, medium and prevent swollen feet with shoes.

Gloves: Road to the top of the creek, many slopes. You need to wear a special pair of shoes to protect your hands as well as keep warm.



Clothing: Sweat clothing should be worn, good elasticity and ventilation. Wear warm clothes, thin scarf because the temperature on the high quite low, when your feet are easy to cold.

Mountain Climbing: A dedicated climbing sticks will assist you a lot when climbing long, hiking trails!

Medication: should take conventional medicines such as cold medicine, abdominal pain, oil, cotton, gauze, …

Phone, camera: a good camera will help you keep your wonderful journey. And a universal phone keeps you in touch when needed.

Other items: raincoat, hat, knife, lighters, flashlight, snacks, notebooks, …

Or you can choose cable car. Fansipan cable car to go into operation in early 2016, has helped tens of thousands of visitors have set foot to Fansipan peak admire, discover, conquer the highest roof Indochina. This is also the Guinness cable car that has certified two Guinness World Record for Sapphire Fansipan Cable Car: Three-wire cable with the difference between the world’s largest travel and gas station: 1410m and the world’s longest cable: 6292.5m. The time to admire Fansipan peak is now shortened from 2 days to only 15 minutes.



If you want to visit Sapa and Conquering Fansipan Peak – Viet Nam, this is a good news for you to apply visa, Vietnam has accepted and support E-visa in the Vietnam visa system.

E-visa stands for “Electronic Visa”. It is a legal permit to allow foreigners to enter the border and travel in the country. You will not need to fill out a visa application, submit it to the consulate office, wait for approval and come back another day to receive it as E-Visa was born to assist you with the above steps, from which you have it can be easily exported for many purposes without too much time and cumbersome procedures. Visitors can do wherever they have internet access and get their visa right on their computer for printing, boarding and crossing the border.

Access the Immigration Agency website anytime you need to get the full support from us.


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