April 26, 2018
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4 types of tourism you must experience when coming to South-West of Vietnam

South-west of Vietnam with rich culture, attractive cuisine, and charming places are some reasons which make the number of visitors coming to this land rise more and more in nearly years. This summer, if you do not have a plan for your vacation, let leave it all behind and come to South-west of Vietnam to enjoy 4 interesting types of tourism here.

South-west, also called Mekong River Delta or Vietnam Southern Delta, is a region which includes a city (Can Tho) and 12 provinces. The name of the Mekong Delta is derived from the fact that the area is part of the Mekong Delta with an area of 40.6 thousand km².

South-west is famous for annual rice yields, fruit orchards with a large variety kind of fruit, wild mangrove forests and high fish stocks. This region has an equatorial climate with hot and rainy weather features throughout the year, which is extremely favorable for the development of agriculture, especially for the rice plant and food crops.

Coming to this area, you will have a chance to experience 4 featured types of tourism: Ecotourism, Cultural tourism, Spiritual tourism and Sea travel.


South-west – Lands of culture and art


Characterized by a diverse set of provinces, the south-west has a combination of different cultures. Each region has its own culture with the beauty comes from the traditional customs and local art forms such as Don ca tai tu and Cai luong. Especially, the Don ca tai tu art form is very characteristic in the traditional music in community life.

The South-western people are friendly and hospitable. The image of the women wearing Ba ba clothes, Ran scarf and Non la has become a cultural beauty that many visitors love.




If you are a man who loves to learn about cultures, South West is exactly where you need to visit when coming to Vietnam. Do not miss the chance to visit these lands and enjoy your Cultural tourism tour! There will be hundreds of interesting things waiting for you here.


Hundreds of fruit orchards with a large variety kind of fruit


The South-West is a land with terrain and soil which very suitable for the development of large orchards. Many kinds of fruit of the South West have been exported to lots of countries in the world.



Along the canals, a lot of fruit orchards with hundreds of fruits are tended and cultivated extremely well. Coming here, visitors will have a chance to visit the orchard and pick fruit, then enjoy right at the garden. Fruit is usually available throughout the year, each kind belongs to each season but the fruit is the best in the summer. This will be a great experience of an ecotourism tour that visitors will always feel excited when thinking about South-west.



The South West is also home to many rivers and canals. Transportation is mainly by boat. This is the main reason for an unique culture of this land: floating market culture. The most famous of them is Cai Rang floating market in Can Tho. Do not forget to visit this place when you come here or you will regret it!


A sacred land with many famous temples


Start your spiritual tourism tour with famous temples in An Giang. There are many beautiful and sacred temples situated in the big mountains here.

Here, you can participate in leisure activities as mountain climbing or you can pray for peace for your loved ones.

In addition, there are more than 10 cultural festivals taking place throughout the year in this area. Among them, there are three characteristic festivals such as the Don ta festival, the Ok Om Bok festival and the Kathina festival.


Land of blue sea and white sand beaches


Not only famous for orchards, Don ca tai tu art form, or ancient sacred temples, the South West is also known for many long and beautiful beaches.


Land of blue sea and white sand beaches

Land of blue sea and white sand beaches


If you come here, do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the warm sunshine on the beautiful white sand beach to make your holiday much more complete. Especially, you also have a chance to enjoy the fresh and delicious seafood.

Some famous places for you to enjoy this sea travel are Phu Quoc island, Ly Son island, … and so on. Come and love the sea and, believe me, you will be so excited about the beauty of the sea!


Information about E-visa and Visa fee for your trip


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Information about E-visa and Visa fee for your trip

Information about E-visa and Visa fee for your trip


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