May 2, 2018
Travel Tips

Self-travel to the Central of Vietnam from Hanoi in 5 days

Central of Vietnam with the coastline long, blue water, white sand, gentle people are always attractive destinations to all tourists.

By choosing to self-travel by motorbike, you can completely master your journey, discover many beautiful attractions, and most importantly the cost is much cheaper than travel by tour. Now let’s see how we will manage our trip from Hanoi!


Day 1: Hanoi – Quang Binh



You should start early to enjoy the cool weather. The first night, you should rest in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh. Dong Hoi has many hotels, so you do not need to book in advance, plus the hotel is very affordable, only about 400 thousand VND / night.

After a long day of traveling, you should choose the hotel near the sea and have dinner by the sea to relax. With this criterion, you can choose the area of Truong Phat Road to stay because it is near the sea, there are hotels and very interesting floating restaurant.


Day 2: Quang Binh – Hue



With a long and proactive calendar, you should stay at the famous tourist destinations, in which Hue is the first destination cannot be ignored. From Dong Hoi to Hue only takes about 3 hours, so if you start your second day at 7 or 8 am, you will be available for lunch in Hue.

Activities in Hue: Hue has many temples, mausoleums, but there are not so much fun activities, so if you already go to Hue, you just need to save Hue half a day to visit. With one night in Hue, you can visit the mausoleums such as Tu Duc Tomb, Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb.

At night, you and your family should take a stroll around the city to enjoy the peace of the ancient capital, or if you like, can listen to Ca Tru on the Huong river to watch the ancient city during the night, going back to the past hundreds of years ago. If you want modern places, you can visit some famous coffee shops in Hue such as Cookie Cookie, Musik Lounge or Great Corner.

Eating: Hue has many delicious dishes and many famous snacks such as Hue beef noodles, cakes, vermicelli, mussel porridge, etc.


Day 3: Hue – Da Nang



It takes about 4 hours from Hue to Da Nang, just in time for you to have lunch, rest and check-in. Da Nang is a beautiful destination, it owns many fun spots, so you can spend time in this coastal city about 1.5 days to 2 days, depending on your preference. Three-star accommodation in the area near the center of Da Nang on this occasion increased quite high, about 1.2 million VND / room.

In the early afternoon in Da Nang, start relaxing with the simplest activities such as bathing in My Khe beach or visiting the inner city at some famous tourist spots. At night, you definitely have to walk around Da Nang to see the rapid development of this coastal city, especially walking the Bach Dang Road at night to watch the bridge across the beautiful Han river.


Day 4: My Son Sanctuary / Ba Na – Hoi An



On the morning of the third day, you should visit some special spots near Da Nang such as My Son Holy Land – the largest Cham clusters in Vietnam (about 70 kilometers from Da Nang) or Ba Na tourist area. Both of these attractions have their own beauty and cost you about 5 – 6 hours including travel and sightseeing time, but Ba Na has more games and dining to serve.

Da Nang food is very various and delicious. In the morning, Da Nang has a variety of bright dishes such as soup, fish noodles, delicious and cheap bread.


Day 5: Hoi An – Cu Lao Cham



Early morning in Hoi An is very beautiful, it is not too sunny, the street is empty because the tourists often get up late after a night of fun. If you get up early, you can try the most famous bread in Vietnam to give yourself a crispy hot bread that has “stirred” the heart of many tourists.

Then, let your family go to Cu Lao Cham to avoid the sun and enjoy the pristine beauty here. Cu Lao Cham is quite cheap with fresh seafood. If it is the first time to Hoi An, you should try to discover more about this land through the tourist destinations such as 5 Assembly Hall or Tra Que vegetable village or Cua Dai beach.


E-visa and the benefit you cannot ignore


Now it is time to think about one more important thing to enter Vietnam, that is E-visa. Traditionally, you need to print the application form, fill it, then hand it to the embassy, wait for several days of processing (not including the working day off), then you will receive the result, but not so sure it is approval or rejection.

Therefore, why don’t you pick Vietnam E-visa right now for the most convenience? Because it will help you to save a lot of time and effort by completing all process online. You only need a computer with Internet connection to fill the online form, then let us do the rest for you until you receive the approval letter within 2 business days. It also saves money because all you need to pay for is 40$ for a whole month of single entry and no extra cost.

Do not let anything stand between you and the amazing trip ahead, we have nothing but the youth and enthusiasm! Let’s pack your thing now, and we will help you with your Vietnam E-visa!


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