April 28, 2018
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Cheap trip to the Western of Saigon: detailed schedule

If you want to travel to the Western of Saigon and got no idea of how to be there on your own with the cheapest price, this is just the article for you.


Transportation to the West


From Hanoi, there are direct routes to the Western provinces such as Rach Gia Airport, Tra Noc Airport. But if you want to travel to explore Western provinces then you should stop at Tan Son Nhat airport then rent a car to go to the western provinces.

Form Ho Chi Minh city, you can stay here for one night or rent a car to the West. Motorbikes or cars can be rented around the Western province. Renting motorbikes and cars will make your trip more exciting.


Here are the details for you!


From Sai Gon to My Tho, you can take the following route: take the ride from the road Vo Van Kiet to Trung Luong expressway to get to My Tho province. Note that if you go to the checkpoints you should go down to identify yourself. Going by car takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to My Tho.



In My Tho, you can find Nam Ky street, where there are a variety of cheap hotels to choose, or you can check out some of the hotels below $20 per night:

Minh Tai Hotel: 01 Nguyen Hue Street, My Tho

Song Tien Hotel: No. 101, Trung Trac Street, Ward 1, My Tho

Khoi Nghi Hotel: 222 – 224 Hung Vuong Street, My Tho


Travel experiences in My Tho


There are few famous attractions in My Tho that you should visit:

Ap Bac victory relic, which is located in Tan Phu – Cai Lay – Tien Giang. You will admire the historical monuments in the Ap Bac, it is all about the merit of our people in the war against America.

Dong Tam Snake Farm, which is located in Military Zone 9 – Binh Duc – Tan Thuan – Chau Thanh. You have the opportunity to see a variety of different types of snakes also have deadly types.

Thoi Son Islet, which is located downstream Tien River – Thoi Son – My Tho. In this place, all you need to do is relax, and take part in the interesting activities of the West River.



There are many beautiful places of My Tho such as Vinh Trang pagoda, Tan Thanh beach, Cai Be floating market. Depending on your time and schedule, you can visit different locations of My Tho.

To enjoy the feeling of people in the West River you should enjoy coffee, sidewalk tea with half the price than in the North of Vietnam but the number is also double.

From My Tho to Sa Dec: From My Tho, you turn right, follow the National Highway 1A 65km when crossing My Thuan bridge, then go about 16km further to Sa Dec.


Where will you stay?


If you have to stay overnight in Sa Dec, you can choose from a number of low-cost hotels in Sa Dec with the price below $20, such as Ngoc Phuong Homestay & Phuong Thao Homestay, Happy Family Guesthouse.

As for dishes, you should enjoy the typical dishes of the West such as the hanging girdle snail, baked roll fish with leaf lotus, roasted mouse in the jar, etc.



In the beautiful place of Sa Dec, you can visit the following sites: Tram Chim national park, Sa Dec flower village, Pho Bang mausoleum or Huynh Thuy Le ancient house.

Continue to travel to the Western with low cost, you will come to the town of Chau Doc – Ha Tien

From Sa Dec, you need to go through Vam Cong ferry to Long Xuyen city, along Highway 90 to Chau Doc city.

You can visit some cheap hotels and motels in Chau Doc such as Dong Xanh Hotel or Hai Chau – Chau Doc Hotel & Trung Nguyen Hotel. To Chau Doc, you can enjoy typical dishes of this region such as steamed rice noodles, Ha Tien sticky rice, steamed rice cake… and visit some famous tourist destinations: temple area and the tomb of Mac, the rock, Da Dung mountain, etc.

After visiting the beautiful scenery of Chau Doc – Ha Tien, you can continue the journey through Rach Gia City to Can Tho. To go to Can Tho city, you will follow the national highway 80 through Rach Gia city go straight to Can Tho city. The road is very clean and it takes about 4 hours to go to Can Tho.

The road going to Can Tho city is a bit bad, you should go slowly and carefully. Come to Can Tho you can rest and enjoy some beautiful scenery in Can Tho cities such as Ninh Kieu wharf or Can Tho night market.


E-visa and its brilliant features



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