May 6, 2018
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Experience your trip to the cultural villages of Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with 54 ethnic groups, each ethnic group has their own cultural traditions. For the purpose of preserving the identity as well as creating conditions for tourists to find out, cultural villages of Vietnam are the common roof to preserve the uniqueness of life and the customs of people and their family. Let’s start your trip to explore the experience of cultural villages of Vietnam with us now!


1. The road to Cultural Village of Vietnamese ethnic groups



More than 40km West of Hanoi, the cultural village of Vietnam is part of Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi. The reserve is a re-imagining of the life of ethnic groups throughout Vietnam, built on a small hill with many valleys and lakes. Therefore, the terrain in this place is very diverse and rich with many beautiful sceneries, which is suitable for you to visit and excursions, learn about the life, culture, and customs of the ethnic people.


2. How to get to the cultural villages of ethnic groups in Vietnam?


From Hanoi, you will drive straight towards the Thang Long Boulevard about 36 km and you will see the sign indicating the way of the cultural village of Vietnam. In the roundabout, remember to take the first exit.



If you take the bus, you can catch the line 75: BX Yen Nghia – BX Huong Son, fare 25,000 VND / ticket; 71B: BX My Dinh – BX Xuan Mai, fare 20.000 VND / ticket or 71: BX My Dinh – BX Son Tay, fair 20.000 VND /ticket.


3. What is in the cultural villages of ethnic groups in Vietnam?


Cultural villages of ethnic groups in Vietnam are divided into different zones, including ethnic minority villages, cultural and entertainment centers, world cultural heritage, parks, green trees, Dong Mo lake and finally the office area.


Area of ethnic villages



The ethnic village is the first point that you should take when coming here. With an area of 198.61ha, the ethnic minority villages are divided into four village clusters corresponding to each region, built into a population structure of the village, the ethnic groups of Vietnam with folk architecture for gender, conservation, as well as development.

In the ethnic villages, the traditional cultural festivals such as the North West Fair, the rain festival of the Cor (Quang Nam), the festival of rice in the B’râu (Kon Tum), the ceremony Cai Rang floating market (Can Tho) … is represented, the opportunity for visitors to enjoy the exciting summer atmosphere, bearing cultural identity of each region in the country.


Center of culture and entertainment



Located in the central area, which connects the main gate and functional areas. This is a center of cultural activities, sports, and entertainment still bold national culture.


World Heritage Site


It is a reputed representation of the world famous architectural works such as Eiffel Tower, Great Wall, Pyramid …


Park and boat landing



This is a service area associated with Dong Mo lake and the B gate of the cultural village.


Integrated service area


It is a complex of integrated tourism services with large-scale sports to exploit natural landscape space effectively.


Area of trees and water surface of Dong Mo lake


The landscape is used to exploit the development of appropriate ecological activities, ensuring the environment as well as sustainable tourism development.


Executive office management office



This place Includes office areas, central management, staff quarters, accommodation and reception of domestic and foreign delegations.

Tickets to the Cultural Village of the Vietnamese ethnic groups

Adults: 30,000 VND / person

Students of universities, colleges, vocational schools: 10,000VND / visit

Students at general education institutions: 5,000VND / visit

Free of charge for children under 6 years old


The Vietnamese Cultural Village is an indispensable place for those who want to learn about the history of the nation and the culture. In this place, you will learn the most honest about the life, cultural characteristics of each ethnic group from which to understand and love the Vietnam country more than ever.


All you need to know about Vietnam E-visa


If you are looking for an “entrance” to Vietnam, the very first thing you need to have is the visa. Normally, you have three choices: traditional stamp visa, visa on arrival, and E-visa.

With the stamped visa, you need to prepare all document on your own, print a picture of you, stick it on the application form, then bring everything to the embassy, pay the fee, and wait for the staff to process it within around 7 days or more. After that, you will know if your application is passed or not. If not, then you have to do it all again.

For visa on arrival, everything is much easier because everything will be implemented online, and the fee is quite cheap – only from 10$ and stamp fee for the government on arrival. Only one problem exists – You can only trespass the international airport to enter Vietnam, there is no other way.

The final and the best option is E-visa. We offer you the best price from 40$ with no additional fee on arrival, and all you need to do to get a Vietnam E-visa is fill the online form, then we will do the rest. We ensure to give you back your money if you cannot get your E-visa. One more convenience is you are allowed to trespass Vietnam via the international airport, land-crossing borders, and seaports, which is very convenient for your trip.

If you have any questions on E-visa in general and Vietnam E-visa in particular, please contact us anytime for full support. Hesitate no more, cause the spectacular trip is right in front of you. Get the visa, by your ticket, and let’s go exploring the new land of Vietnam!


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