According to the Official Information from the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, from 3 pm March 9, 2020, the unilateral visa exemption program for citizens of Spain will be suspended.

According to the latest updates on March 09th , Vietnam Government just approved to stop visa waiver programme for UK passport holders and seven other European countries, including Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France and Spain. These countries citizens must apply visa when coming to Vietnam from now on.

Updated 9/3/2020: Vietnam Government just issued an announcement to suspense Vietnam visa waiver programme for UK passport holders. From now on, UK passports holders are not exempted from Vietnam visa 15 days as before, and they must apply visa when coming to Vietnam.

Can Taiwan citizens apply Vietnam visa and enter Vietnam in this period? Are there any restrictions that Taiwan people must note when entering Vietnam? In this article, we will share with you the newest update about Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizens.

Vietnam electronic visa is the type of visa allows applicants to come single entry and stay with maximum 30 days. It is just opened for Hong Kong people in February 2019, but it is the best choice for Hong Kong citizens. Hong Kong citizens can apply online to get this visa through email within two […]

I am planning to come to Vietnam in March 2020, but I am really confused about Vietnam visa. I heard that Vietnam visa is closed for Hong Kong citizens in January, but some people said that it’s opened again. What is the truth? Can Hong Kong citizens apply Vietnam visa and come to Vietnam in […]

One of the most concerned questions which we got from our customers is: Can Macao citizens apply Vietnam visa now? And we confirm that: Macao passport holders still can apply Vietnam visa normally, for both electronic visa and visa on arrival.

January is the time for a lot of changes in Vietnam visa rule for Hong Kong citizens. Because of the bad influence of Wuhan coronavirus, Vietnam Immigration has closed the visa for Hong Kong passport holder, then restrict, then open, etc. Some visa policies are restricted in this period and some are opened as before. […]

Vietnam is a potential market which many businessmen are investing, including Hong Kong and Macao. As before, Hong Kong and Macao businessmen are very easy to get Vietnam business visa to come to Vietnam for working purpose. However, this type of visa was stopped to grant for Hong Kong and Macao after lunar new year, […]

Because of the dangerous of Wuhan coronavirus, many countries have suspended visa for Chinese citizens. Hong Kong and Macao, as Special Administrative Region of China, has impacted as well. Vietnam has restricted the visa application request for Hong Kong and Macao citizens. Electronic visa (Evisa) is refused for these two passports. Business visa is also […]

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