February 25, 2020
Visa Information

Can Hong Kong Citizens Apply Vietnam Visa To Enter Vietnam In March 2020?

I am planning to come to Vietnam in March 2020, but I am really confused about Vietnam visa. I heard that Vietnam visa is closed for Hong Kong citizens in January, but some people said that it’s opened again. What is the truth? Can Hong Kong citizens apply Vietnam visa and come to Vietnam in March?

The end of January and beginning of February 2020, the rule of Vietnam visa for Hong Kong citizens changed a few times. In the effort to stop the outbreak of Corona virus, Vietnam government has restricted visa policy for Hong Kong citizens. At the beginning, all Chinsese people, including Hong Kong and Macao passport holders are not allows to apply Vietnam visa. All types of Vietnam visa are stopped for Hong Kong people. After a couple of weeks, Hong Kong people are allowed to apply visa on arrival, but for 1-month visa only. Then the other option of Vietnam visa on arrival are opened again for Hong Kong citizens. At the middle of February, Vietnam electronic visa is opened again for Hong Kong citizens. And after that, all Vietnam visa options (included tourist and business visa) are come back as before. Until now, Hong Kong passport holder can apply Vietnam visa normal as what it is before.

If you come to Vietnam in March 2020, you can apply Vietnam visa and enter legally now. It takes about two working days to process Vietnam visa, however you should apply visa ASAP to avoid unexpected risk. Vietnam visa is applied online through this link https://www.vietnam-evisa.com/apply/ , all you need to do is fill out the required information, it takes about 3 minutes to finish.

After two working days processing, your visa result will be sent to your email. Just print it out and use it to enter Vietnam in March. Please note that you can choose the entry date – the date you will enter Vietnam. Your visa will be only valid from that date, so you can apply it right now and use it when you come.