February 25, 2020
Visa Information

[Updated February 25th 2020] Hong Kong Passport Holders Still Can Apply Vietnam Electronic Visa And Visa On Arrival Normally

January is the time for a lot of changes in Vietnam visa rule for Hong Kong citizens. Because of the bad influence of Wuhan coronavirus, Vietnam Immigration has closed the visa for Hong Kong passport holder, then restrict, then open, etc. Some visa policies are restricted in this period and some are opened as before. So today, February 25th 2020, can Hong Kong passport holder apply Vietnam visa?

Vietnam visas are now opened for Hong Kong citizens again. Both electronic and visa on arrival are available now, and Hong Kong people can apply online to get the actual electronic visa or apply to get visa approval letter in advance and then get visa on arrival at Vietnamese airport. Both two options are good choice when Hong Kong citizens need to get visa to Vietnam. For electronic visa, it’s the actual visa, and you only need to apply online on the website, and after two working days you will receive electronic visa through email. This type of visa is single entry visa and can stay in Vietnam maximum 30 days. It will be immediately invalid when you leave Vietnam. For visa on arrival, you will get visa at Vietnam airports. But you must apply online to get the visa approval letter before coming to Vietnam. This letter is processed online by filling out the simple online application form, and it takes two working days to get the result through email as well. With visa on arrival, you can stay maximum 3 months in Vietnam, and you can enter Vietnam multiple times.

Both Vietnam electronic visa and Vietnam visa on arrival have tourist and business purpose. Hong Kong citizens can apply the suitable type of visa depending on their own purpose. If you come to Vietnam for travel, you can apply Vietnam tourist visa. If you come to Vietnam for working, you can apply business visa. You do not need to provide any documents (hotel booking, air ticket, business invitation, etc.) to apply Vietnam visa. Just fill out the online application form through https://www.vietnam-evisa.com/apply/ , it takes about 3 minutes to complete the form.

After filling out the required information in online application form, please recheck again, because these information will be used to process your visa application. One more important note is, you must type correct your email address. If you type the wrong email, your visa result cannot send to you.

Both Vietnam electronic visa and visa on arrival can be processed urgently. If you are in rushed, you can pay expedited fee to get result faster. In this case, you can get visa result in 1 working day, 4 working hours, 2 working hours or even 1 working hours.

In summary, Hong Kong citizens can apply Vietnam visa online now, and the procedure is very simple. The whole process takes 2 working days to complete, and it can be expedited. Both electronic visa and visa on arrival are two options which Hong Kong passport holders can consider to use. And Hong Kong people can also apply business or tourist visa when coming to Vietnam.