February 25, 2020
Visa Information

[Updated February 25th 2020] Taiwanese Still Can Apply Vietnam Visa And Enter Vietnam For Tourist And Business Purpose

Can Taiwan citizens apply Vietnam visa and enter Vietnam in this period? Are there any restrictions that Taiwan people must note when entering Vietnam? In this article, we will share with you the newest update about Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizens.

The world is facing with the global problem, Wuhan corona virus. To protect the citizens in their own countries, many countries has closed or restricted the visa policy with China. Vietnam has temporarily banned granting visa for Chinese citizens, however, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan passport holders still can apply and come to Vietnam as normal. Especially Taiwan passport, there is no restriction for applying Vietnam visa from January until now. Taiwan citizens still can apply Vietnam visa as normal, nothing changes.

Vietnam visa for Taiwanese can be applied online in this link https://www.vietnam-evisa.com/apply/ , the procedure is very simple. Just click on the link and fill out all required information, then process the online payment. After two working days, the visa approval letter will be sent to applicants’ email. On the arrival date, applicants just need to show this approval letter and get visa on arrival at Vietnam airport.

Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizens can be tourist or business purpose. Both two options do not need to provide any documents, the applicants just need to submit visa application form online and wait for result. It saves a lot of time because applicants do not need to prepare complicated documents.

Therefore, Taiwan citizens can easily apply Vietnam visa without any restriction. But please note that you are not allowed to enter Vietnam is you depart from any regions of China mainland. When you come to Vietnam, the health check is compulsory process, even you are not from China mainland.