February 25, 2020
Visa Information

[Updated February 25th 2020] Macao Citizens Still Can Apply Vietnam Electronic Visa And Visa On Arrival As Nomal

One of the most concerned questions which we got from our customers is: Can Macao citizens apply Vietnam visa now? And we confirm that: Macao passport holders still can apply Vietnam visa normally, for both electronic visa and visa on arrival.

In the end of January 2020, when the Coronavirus has affected many fields in all over the world, Vietnam government decided to temporarily stop granting visa for Chinese, including Macao citizens. For about two weeks of suspension, with the well-controlled situation in Macao, Vietnam government decided to open visa again for Macao citizens. The visa policies are kept as same as before. Macao citizens who do not depart from China mainland and not in China mainland in the last 14 days, are allowed to apply Vietnam visa.

Macao citizens can apply online for two types of Vietnam visa: electronic visa and visa on arrival. Both two options are available for both tourist and business purpose. Electronic visa allows Macao people to come to Vietnam once time and stay maximum 30 days, while visa on arrival allows Macao people to come to Vietnam many times and can stay maximum 3 months.

Both Vietnam electronic visa and on-arrival visa are applied online through https://www.vietnam-evisa.com/apply/ , no documents are required, and visa result will be sent to applicant’s email after two working days.

In conclusion, Vietnam visa is opened again for Macao passport holders. You can follow the guidance and complete the visa application form. Depend on your trip, you can choose visa on arrival or electronic visa.


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