Vietnam’s breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture have made it an increasingly popular travel destination for Americans. However, before traveling to this attractive country, U.S. citizens should be aware of the visa requirements. Obtaining a Vietnam visa can be a hassle-free experience if you have the proper information and guidance. This article attempts to simplify the […]

International tourists entering Vietnam after March 15, 2022 will not be required to quarantine as before. Details is as below:

Vietnam government has announced to open Vietnam visa to welcome back the experts, investors, business managers, high-tech workers for developing the economics. However, how to apply visa to enter Vietnam in this pandemic period is a bit confused. In this article, we will share with you the detailed information about applying a Vietnam visa for […]

The epidemic situation is still becoming more and more complicated, the entry to Vietnam has thus become a major concern for many foreign visitors. If you are having trouble due to cumbersome immigration procedures, and are concerned about the quarantine option after your entry, please consider “full package for Vietnam visa and hotel quarantine service” […]

Vietnam closed the borders and suspended visa from March 2020 due to Covid19. Many people find difficulties for applying a Vietnam visa because there is no way to process in this period. The government decides to open visa and border depending on the pandemic situation, and luckily, it’s opened now. As the latest update from […]

Vietnam government has approved to grant visa for investment, business and working purpose from September 2020. Those who are eligible for visa issuance should contact the sponsored company in Vietnam and submit visa application ASAP.

Facing with the complicated situation of the Coronavirus epidemic, Vietnamese government has agreed to stop granting visas to all countries from 0:00 AM on March 15, 2020. This is the most powerful action of the Vietnamese government ever in the prevention of an increasingly widespread disease.

With the current epidemic situation, Vietnam has issued many changes in Visa policy. A typical example is the cancellation of visa exemption policy for some countries and banning visa application for some countries. Can Burmese citizens enter Vietnam without visa? Or do Burmese citizens need a visa to enter Vietnam during this period?

Applying for a Vietnamese visa for Kyrgyzstan citizens is something that few people think about because previously Kyrgyzstan people could enter Vietnam without a visa within 30 days. However, in a period when the epidemic is complicated, Vietnam’s visa policy is constantly changing, will the visa exemption policy still apply to Kyrgyzstan people? Do Kyrgyzstan […]

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, Vietnam’s visa policy has changed a lot in recent days. Some countries are banned from entry, some countries are banned from obtaining visas, some countries have suspended visa exemption programs. So, what about citizens holding a Cambodia passport? Can Cambodians enter Vietnam without a visa during this period? Or if […]

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