If you are wondering, with the few holidays in the national holiday of Vietnam, where you and your family can travel in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam, then this article is just the right one for you!   Thu Le Park     This is not a new place to play, but Thu Le […]

Lim festival is an association of ancient villages around the Lim mountains and the banks of the Tieu Tuong River, which is the largest festival of the region, expressing the deepest culture of art and spiritual beliefs of Kinh Bac people.   Origin of Lim society   History of the Lim society was re-introduced in […]

Mention to Sapa, people may be reminded of a beautiful foggy town surrounded by thousands of majestic mountains. Among these mountains, there is one being called the Roof of Indochina – Fansipan, which has attracted visitors from all over the world come to conquer. You are an adventurous man, aren’t you? So let’s apply for […]

The Central Highlands gong culture of Vietnam has been officially recognized by UNESCO as the masterpiece of the intangible and oral culture of mankind. This affirms  Vietnam is a country with a long tradition of culture, many traditional arts need to be preserved and promoted. Owners of this special cultural type are ethnic groups such […]

The bar in the Hanoi Old Quarter is an attraction not only for Vietnamese guests, and also for Westerners who come here often because of the unique touches of music. The bar has become a habit and one of the familiar entertainment of Vietnamese and travelers. Not only is the place where you drink, dance, […]

E-visa, a new form of visa which is very useful for visitors to enter the country they want to visit and enjoy their vacation. So before learning how to apply for an E-visa, let’s stop by and see how incredible and grateful Ha Long, Vietnam is in this article and prepare for your trip!   […]

Getting the necessary furniture, weather information, security situation about your country will help you to have an ideal holiday. The following experience will help travelers to travel abroad safely, effectively.   1. Identification is the number one     Identification of foreign travel is very important. If you do not have a paper, you will […]

Thanks to the mother nature’s favor with thousands of beautiful landscapes, dreamless coastlines, majestic mountains and nature reserves, national parks and so on, Vietnam has attracted millions of visitors from all over the world to come and experience the Ecotourism in this beautiful country.   Everything about Ecotourism   Ecotourism is not only a form […]

Many people think that the Central Highlands is not the right choice for traveling, because they are still a little afraid of the wild red land, dust, forest, and mountain. However, when you find full of mysteries charms of this land, visitors will not be surprised, touched and attachment that you will not want to […]

Highlighted in the central tourism industry, Hoi An old town as a rustic, simple and poetic painting. Whether it’s a day or a night, Hoi An tourism still has its own charms.   In addition to cultural values through diverse architecture, Hoi An still preserves a rather large intangible cultural background. The daily life of […]

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