May 21, 2018
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Discover “Lim” – the most famous traditional festival in Bac Ninh with E-visa to Vietnam

Lim festival is an association of ancient villages around the Lim mountains and the banks of the Tieu Tuong River, which is the largest festival of the region, expressing the deepest culture of art and spiritual beliefs of Kinh Bac people.


Origin of Lim society


History of the Lim society was re-introduced in many different versions. It is conceived that Lim festival originated from the temple, singing association, related to the singing of Mr.Truong Chi that the ancient mark is the traces of the river is quite similar in the Lim village. This theory is based on the legend of Truong Chi – My Nuong.

The Lim has a long history and grows to the size of the general association (in Noi Due). On the basis of the traditional festivals of the villages in the total area of Noi Due (including 6 communes: Doi Ca and Lo Bao, Noi Du Khanh, Noi Nam, Lung Giang, Xuan O and Tien Doi Du (after the East)) with many ceremonial processions, sacrifices and folk arts activities, which are very rich, such as singing drums, singing cheo, ca tru, singing and singing Quan Ho…. The naturalization ceremony on the occasion of January each year, according to the tradition of “spring bimonthly.” Thus, the Duke Do Nguyen Thuy is a person, who has developed from the temple festival god The blessings of the villages of the Lim region go to the general festival of the Inuit on the occasion of the fall, August, with the general rules, and he is also the initiator of the festivities of the spring, January.



40 years later, in the second half of the 18th century, the same people of Dinh Ca, General Nguyen Dinh Dien continues to develop and reform Lim festival. He provided the fields and money for the general merchandise transfer from the fall of August to the spring of January. He also bought half of Hong Van Mountain (Lim Mountain) to build his tomb on the top of the mountain.

Lim festival was maintained throughout the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century. In the war against the French colonialists and the American invaders, the Lim festival was not opened for decades until the renewal years. Today, the Society is open on January 13th of the lunar calendar every year.


Who does Lim festival worship?


The Lim festival is centered on Lim Temple – the place where worshiping Hieu Trung Hau – the founder of the Quan Ho singing festival. Lim festival usually lasts about 3 days (from 12th to 14th of January lunar calendar every year), of which 13th is the festival with many activities. So tourists also focused on Bac Ninh tourism on the 13th to be present at the Lim festival in the Assembly.



Lim begins with a procession. The procession is the people are wearing the costumes of old-fashioned with full of colors. On the main holiday (January 13) with a ritual procession, the sacrifices of the village’s princes, the gods of the motherland of the homeland at Co Lung temple, Hong Van tomb, Do Xuan district throne, worship the Buddha, worship the maid in Hong An temple. Apart from the ceremony, the festival also has many folk games such as martial arts, wrestling, chess, dances, weaving, cooking… and especially the singing.

Ancient traditions leave a fascinating custom that only Bac Ninh has, such as cultural activities that sing Quan Quan folk songs – folk songs that have become the common cultural property of the people. family. Quan họ folk songs took place from January 12 in Lim (Hong An Temple and Guan Quan) and all over the pagodas and communal houses. The Bac Ninh Quan họ Association takes place anywhere in the house, on the courtyard, in front of the pagoda or floating on the carts in the middle of ponds, lakes – Truong Chi captivated her beautiful Nuong.



Lien Anh folds his shirt, the three-sided shirt, and seven leashes, hats, and bags to meet up, welcome each other, warm, delicate and gentle in the way of Quan Ho, with folk melodies that reach high artistic level, is the combination of lust, passion of poetry and music in order to show love in light, wholeheartedly for the other. If you have the opportunity to enjoy the song they are performed by artists Kinh Bac, it will be an experience that you will never forget.


Basic information you should know before choosing Vietnam E-visa



Presently, there are three ways for foreigners to get a visa to Vietnam, including:

  • Getting visa at Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam
  • Getting visa to Vietnam on arrival
  • Getting an E-visa for Vietnam

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Here is some Vietnam E-visa information you should take note before applying for this type of E-visa:

  • Purpose of visit: Vacation
  • Visa validity: one-month single entry
  • Visa fee: US40$ – No extra fee or arrival fee

E-visa will be processed online. First of all, there is an application form you need to fill, then do not forget to and attach one of your passport page and your pictures with it. Next, you will pay the E-visa fee. After that, a digital code will be sent to you so you can check the application process. Finally, you only need to print your Vietnam E-visa once it is completed.

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