May 20, 2018
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Hanoi nightlife: The best places for cocktails

The bar in the Hanoi Old Quarter is an attraction not only for Vietnamese guests, and also for Westerners who come here often because of the unique touches of music.

The bar has become a habit and one of the familiar entertainment of Vietnamese and travelers. Not only is the place where you drink, dance, Vietnamese bar in the West Bar is also where you can feel the music with a noisy space, enjoy wine culture with special cocktail, sound, light enough to be able to chat with friends, is an ideal place for visitors as well as foreigners to live in Vietnam convergence, meet to each other.


1. Liquid Store


Liquid Store, No. 14 Nguyen Huu Huan Street, is one of the new bar style western bar in the famous old town, the number of travelers come here very often. The difference of the Liquid Store is the first bar in Hanoi specializing in cocktails with a large collection of wine is very diverse.



Architectural space brings its own personality to make an unforgettable impression for those who have visited even once. Outside of the Liquid Store, the architecture of the ancient French house, located on the second floor, inside the Liquid Store creates a special highlight from the bar. The bar is made up of large blocks of randomly placed tiles on the wall that create contrasting blocks of light.

Visitors come to the Liquid Store are mainly for chatting with friends, enjoying special cocktails, and enjoying the magic combined with the blending of bartender professional men.


2. Fat Cat Bar


Fat Cat Bar – 25 Ta Hien Street. Compared with the Liquid Store, Fat Cat has a small area but Olivier Waryn is very focused on the serving menu, quality service is also very good.

Fat Car’s special attraction is one of the frequent bars frequents of travelers, visitors gathered in front of the large yard in front of the restaurant, which makes Fat Cat’s space busy and becomes a separate image right in the bustling nightlife of the old town, which makes the West more and more tourists.



Fat Cat’s personality is reflected in the individual creations that the shop wants to give its customers, with colorful Fat Cat cocktails and a pungent taste from the drink.


3. The Coach House


With only 28m2 in No 37 Dao Duy Tu street, The Coach House is one of the new bars, but has a number of its own guests, not to be barred from the old bar.



The Coach House brings the highlight of dusty space in accordance with the tourist style of the foreign guests. The first impression of the bar is the motorcycle tires, the bicycle knit over each other to create special rubber chairs, lined in the courtyard in front of the bar.


4. Polite Pub


This is a familiar bar of visitors in Hanoi. When entering the restaurant, you will hear the conversation from Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Japanese and French at the same time. The design of the bar is based on the American style of the 1920s, which combines the decor of the interior, the black and white of the films, the frames of the jazz icons.

The cocktail list is also changed every 6 months with more than 100 varieties. In addition, the restaurant regularly welcomes guests are mixing staff Vietnam and visitors.



Open from 4 pm to midnight every day.

Address: No 5B, Bao Khanh Street.


5. Funky B


Funky B (formerly Funky Buddha) is a bar located at No.2 Ta Hien. With a variety of new and unique music styles, this is a very popular destination for tourists and expats living in Vietnam.



Compared to many bars in the old town, Funky B has a large area with 2 bars in two different styles. The outside bar near the entrance is more “casual”, while the bar on the inside impresses with the stylized wine cage. If you do not like the vibrant atmosphere of DJ music in the interior, you can sit at the bar outside, make some glasses and chat with friends.


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