May 21, 2018
Travel Tips

The Independence’s Day of Vietnam – Best places to go in Hanoi

If you are wondering, with the few holidays in the national holiday of Vietnam, where you and your family can travel in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam, then this article is just the right one for you!


Thu Le Park



This is not a new place to play, but Thu Le park (located at the corner of Cau Giay – Kim Ma) is still a worthy place to bring children to play in the holiday season.

It is home to nearly 600 animals of 95 species. In addition, in Thu Le Park, there are many games for children such as Ferris wheel, electric tram, duck, statue, ball house … This is the interesting place for many young people and families to come to on the weekend or holidays because they are in the inner city. Admission is 10,000 VND / adult, 5,000 VND / child. Park games cost between VND 20,000 and VND 60,000 per game.


West Lake Park (Ho Tay Water Park)



Ho Tay Water Park is an ideal holiday destination for family and friends. With its unique design and attractive colors, the eye-catching park attracts both children and adults. Visitors come here from underwater activities with modern swimming pools, slides for badminton, tennis, table tennis, billiards and adventure games such as roller coasters, Ferris wheel sun, boat shake…

In Ho Tay Water Park, the daily ticket price is 120,000 VND / adult, 100,000 VND / child, the weekend increases 150,000 VND / adult and 120,000 VND / child respectively.


Shopping Mall Centers



On the occasion of the National Independence’s Day of  2nd, September, if you are in Hanoi, you can choose to have fun in the central shopping malls. In these places, you can visit, shopping, resting combined with participating in sports games, collective activities to create a comfortable atmosphere during the holiday.

Some of the major shopping centers in Hanoi are Trang Tien Plaza, Royal City, Times City, Indochina Plaza and Vincom Tower.





Cinemas are never-out-of-date for couples or families during the holiday season to entertain themselves after a tiring day of work.


Bao Son Paradise


If you want to go far from Hanoi, you can choose Bao Son Paradise for entertainment.



Located in the center of the city about 8 km in An Khanh, Hoai Duc (Hanoi). Inside the park, there are amusement park, conservation area for cultural values, food court, 15 trade villages, circus performance area…

Here are some interesting games you can attend such as a couch, swing, super-speed train, electric car, ghost carousel, giant swing, sway train, slide.

The main attraction in the park community is a world of the ocean of over thirty thousand species of marine life from continents such as Shark, Snakehead, Dolphin, Seal, Sea Lion, rare coral, etc. Travelers coming here to explore the ocean world will be very pleased with this collection of sea creatures. In particular, the aquarium is also a place to nourish the “professional marine artists” perform the circus Item Fish, Seals bring unexpected interest to the children.


Baara Land



This is a recreation complex in Da Phuc village, Sai Son, Quoc Oai (Hanoi), about 30 minutes drive from the center of Hanoi. The new Baara Land has been in operation since April 30th, offering guests the experience of “bathing in the middle of Hanoi” with its artificial beach near Hanoi. The play area has strong slider systems such as high-speed sliding bridge, double skid steer, vortex…


Suburban travel


For those who love to move but have no conditions to go long, at suburban locations quite a lot of options for rest and enjoyment. Ao Vua, Bat Trang Pottery Village is well suited for day trips, both for sightseeing and relaxation, as well as for those who are interested in seeing and treating. historical values.



The center of Hanoi about 40 km away is the ancient village of Duong Lam, which preserves the cultural values and architecture of the northern delta culture. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the capital, picking up exciting experiences in the countryside with the traditional culture still preserved here.


Vietnam e-visa and everything you should know about


In the technology era, everything has to be fast, rapidly connected with the strong network around the world, and visa to Vietnam is not an exception. Vietnam E-visa has been born for the purpose of providing travelers one of the fastest and most convenient ways of getting Vietnam visa stamped when they plan to travel to Vietnam.

To attract more visitors to Vietnam, the national Government has decided to launch Vietnam E-visa for every visitors, who come from over 40 countries in the world.

E-visa is an official document which is issued by the Immigration Department to allow international passengers to enter and travel across Vietnam.

One of the best benefits of E-visa comparing to other visa type is that E-visa for Vietnam is allowed visitors to enter Vietnam through 8 international airports, 13 international land border gates, and 7 seaports in Vietnam.


Do not let anything come in between you and the wonderful trip on this holiday occasion, Let us help you to prepare for it now!


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