May 7, 2018
Travel Tips

The most beautiful islands in Vietnam for this summer

Besides the famous crowded island in Vietnam, you will want to find yourself a wild island, enjoy the original cool and separate from everything else in the world. This article will suggest to you the most beautiful islands in Vietnam that you should choose in this summer.


Bay Canh island



Bay Canh island is considered as the second largest island of 16 islands in Con Dao. Situated in the East of Con Dao, Bay Canh island is protected by the primeval forest, mangrove forests of the tropical island ecosystem. It also contains many different coral species and is listed in the Red Book of Vietnam.

This is the place you can enjoy yourself struggling and watching coral reefs, exploring the ocean at your fingertips because it is not easy to have a place where there are so many different coral reefs like in this destination.


Cu Lao Cau



Cu Lao Cau is also known as Hon Cau lies in Lien Huong, Tuy Phong, Binh Thuan Province. There are not many people, who know this place because it is quite difficult to go to this island. However, once you have arrived Cu Lao Cau, you will not believe your eyes by the color of the sea.

On the island, you will be immersed in the true paradise of the sea: too amazing wild and beautiful. The crystal clear water along with the stones are wind eroded into many interesting shapes. The island is not large, when coming here you just need walking to explore the whole island. Around the island are green beaches in succession, everything is so attractive that you can jump to soak in the water as long as possible.



You might also camp overnight, just to feel the wind and see the most beautiful sunrise on the island. As the sun goes down into the sea, as the sky shines on the glittering millions of stars, enjoy it with all your senses.


May Rut Trong island



Being the most remote island of Phu Quoc, it takes 50 minutes to go to May Rut Trong island. In the North of the island, there is a small hill with many rocky ridges.



If you go to May Rut Trong island in the sandy season, the beach is full of white sand and blue water. On the island, there is only one family, which is Mrs. Tam’s family. If you come to this place, remember to visit Mrs. Tam restaurant to enjoy extremely delicious porridge with delicious Phu Quoc pepper and lying hammock in the beautiful scenery.


Nua island



Nua island is located at the foot of the Ca Pass, in the boundary between Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa, with 105 m high peaks. If you go to Nua island with a group of friend, you should stay up late one night to set fire to camp, eat seafood barbecue and enjoy the quiet night sea. On the island, there is a lighthouse guard and a shack of the border. Besides, staying on the island does not require prior authorization.



In the summer, you will be guided to the lighthouse and enjoy the view of the blue sea surrounding the island.  Located on the North of Nua island, there are the high cliffs standing up from the sea surface and then stacked up to faint. The huge cliffs with interlaced cross-sectional surface give you a mysterious feeling. As you climb higher you will discover many beautiful views of the sea.


Mong Tay island



It is said that Mong Tay is just like the island of Robinson in the Kien Giang sea, an island is an ideal place for camping activities, you should explore the island and admire the beautiful natural scenery during this summer trip. Come to Mong Tay island, open before your eyes are the sea in the jade color shade in the green coconut, the stone is completely hand-made ordering, sandy white sand with beautiful beauty separate.



You can also find some Nail trees (means Mong Tay in Vietnamese), the reason for the island has this special name. You will only hear the waves, the wind ring, all the noise of the city will be suddenly gone. The feeling of full harmony with the vast space of heaven and earth will create a dizzy overwhelming feeling for those who come here.


Vietnam E-visa and how to choose the agency to help you on that


Nowadays, there are so many agencies on applying Vietnam E-visa, and this makes travelers confused and do not know which agency will be the right choice and be able to avoid scam. There are a few basic things you should notice about a scam agency:

– Professionalism: All the elements of communication, how to handle the problem, how quick they respond to your questions… you can feel and evaluate it. If they have stingy answers, lack of expertise and in-depth understanding of E-visa services then you should stay away from them.

– There is some agency, which claims to be able to interfere with the visa process by relying on familiarity with the consular officer, showing pictures taken with government officials, these things are undoubtedly fraudulent. The Vietnam E-visa review must be based on the law, not the feelings.



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