May 7, 2018
Travel Tips

Lighten up your summer with a sea vacation in Vietnam

Another brilliant summer is coming! There long beaches, blue sea, white sand and warm sunshine are calling for you in Vietnam. So what are you waiting for? Back your pack and book a flight to Vietnam right now to enjoy the most wonderful summer ever!

Vietnam is a country located in the southeast of Indochina peninsula. Vietnam’s borders are bordered by many big seas like the Gulf of Thailand, the Gulf of Tonkin and the East Sea. Therefore, Vietnam owns a long beach up to 3260 km (2026 miles) stretches from the north to the south, along with the curved of S-shaped of the country.



In addition, Vietnam is a country with the tropical climate, hot and humid and heavy rain all year round. This is a very suitable climate for the island and sea tourism. Thanks to these such beautiful and charming beaches, Vietnam has attracted thousands of visitors from all over the world yearly. Every year, marine tourism contributes a great value to the total income of the country.

Have you had a plan for your summer vacation? If you haven’t, let us show you some attractive things about the sea and Vietnam. Then you will know the reasons why you have to come to Vietnam right this summer!


Enjoy a brilliant sea vacation from the North to the South


As you know, Vietnam has such a long beach reach up to 2026 miles, so from the North to the South, you can enjoy your vacation with blue sea, white sand and cozy sunshine wherever you want.

If you prefer to stay in the North of the country, you can enjoy your time at Ha Long Bay, Co To island, Van Don beach, Quan Lai island (Quang Ninh); Cat Ba beach, Do Son beach (Hai Phong); Sam Son beach (Thanh Hoa) and so on. Here you will have a chance to dip yourself in the cool water and bathing so relaxing under the cozy sunshine. Moreover, there are so many types of fresh and delicious seafood for you to enjoy. Do not hesitate to try all of them, or believe me, you will regret after leaving.



The best time for you to enjoy your summer vacation in the North of Vietnam is in summer (from March to June).

Back to the South, there are so many beautiful and romantic beaches which make visitors be excited, too. We suggest you some of famous beaches and island to explore right this summer: Da Nang beach, Nha Trang beach, Vung Tau beach, Quy Nhon beach (Binh Dinh), Phu Quoc island (Kien Giang), Ly Son island (Quang Ngai), and so on. You can choose from the list some destinations which addict you or you can visit all of them cause each destination has its own featured beauty.



However, the rainy season of the South starts from May to November, so you should check the weather forecast on the Internet before planning for the trip. The idealist time for you to visit the land is May to September.


List of must-have things in your sea vacation


To make sure that you will have a complete and wonderful vacation, remember to bring these following items:

A tube of sunblock cream

Don’t let your skin be injured by the sun of summer. A tube of sunblock cream is the first thing you have to remember to bring along on your trip.

– Headache Medicines

A headache due to hot weather will make your trip be worse. Remember to bring them to stay healthy to enjoy your holiday completely.

– Swimwear and Sunglasses


Your trip will not make sense if you forget these certain must-have items. By the way, these items will also make your photos in your vacation time much more perfect. So, remember to put them in your luggage case firstly!

By the way, do not forget to keep your phone full of charging to save your great time on your vacation!


E-visa – Make your trip be convenient and easy than ever


If you intend to visit Vietnam this summer, you will need to check whether your country is on the list of visa exemption or not.

In case you need one, then try to apply for a new form of visa: E-visa (Electric visa). This kind of visa allows you to stay in Vietnam for a period of time for 28 – 30 days.

With just 40$ and an Internet-connected device, a portrait photo, and a valid email, you have already had an E-visa to complete your trip in Vietnam.

So, let enter the website: by now and apply for a Vietnam E-visa. Vietnam E-visa is a prestigious unit to help visitors own an E-visa quickly and conveniently. The consultants of Vietnam E-visa are experienced and they always ready to assist client 24 hours a day.

Assuring to refund 100% when customers are not satisfied, Vietnam E-visa is always the first choice of a client when need an E-visa.

Now, let’s apply for an E-visa and ready for the trip!


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