April 19, 2018
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Vietnam Northwest travel: Festival and food

Incredible mountains, peaceful villages, wonderful terraced fields with bright smiles … all made a very charming Northwest. The most beautiful North West tourism in the season of golden rice spread throughout the streets as pouring honey and also do not miss the brilliant spring with peach blossom flowers plum blossomed throughout the forest in birds, with the cup of warm wine. Visitors also immersed in the diverse cultural space of the community of ethnic minorities together to settle down. Thousands of years, along with the cultural space, customs, and traditions associated with the lives of high mountain residents.


1. Hoa Ban Festival


Hoa Ban Festival is a festival of Thai ethnicity, held in February when the flowers bloomed in the northwestern forest. Hoa Ban festival is a festival of love couples, happy family is also a chance to compete, play, love singing in the moonlit night.

Hoa Ban Festival is a happy day for relatives, friends, and a chance for boys and girls meet, dating each other. On the 5th of February, the annual lunar flower festival is held. If the village festival (2 years/time) only occurs within the scope of the village, the purpose is “pray god blessing” and “wash the leaves, dismiss the spell”, less organized fun, Xie Muong Festival (3 years/times) is held very well, attracting many talented people to participate.



When you come to Hoa Ban Festival, you will be immersed in the bustling atmosphere of the high spring weather, the passion in the pí, the sound of khèn, the verse and the thrill in the round of reverberation.


2. Rain Festival of Thai people in Mai Chau – Hoa Binh


Every year, in the lunar month, which means that at the time of drought, Thai people in Mai Chau burn torch for rain during moonlit nights.

During the rain festival, people saw each other sing a song, holding a torch burning fire, walking around the village to sing the sound far away every corner. At this point, even boys in the village do not think of singing love affair, using sesame seeds, sow millet. The singing in the squeeze, warmly mixed with each other, echoes through each mountain.



Mostly young people focus on burning torches and singing, and the elderly and middle-aged at home, welcome to the rain singing team thoughtfully. Although crowded but the singing festival often goes in very neat, this scene makes visitors fortunate to witness the very interesting. The lead singer sang the chorus, the next holding a rice sieve to beg. object. The house was knocked on the first door of the old woman’s house. The rain prayers are repeated several times, the owner went out to use the hand in the water bowl in front of the house and water continuously out of the pot. This is to the other pots until the whole band is wet, and the rice is also wet.


3.  Da River Boat Racing Festival

Boat Festival on the Da River is usually held after the Lunar New Year, from the 8th to the 10th of January every year in Quynh Nhai district, Son La province. The athletes attending the festival are all residents living in the basin of the river. Boat racing is one of the traditional Thai traditional festivals here.


This festival has a long tradition, it is an opportunity for people in the village to meet and exchange after a year of hard work. On the occasion of the festival, folk performances, folk games and other traditional festivals (such as the New Year’s Festival) are also held. These things have brought a very active atmosphere and attracted many visitors to the boat race on the Da River in Son La.

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