June 25, 2019
Travel Tips

Which Domestic Airline Should I Choose When Traveling In Vietnam?

To travel in Vietnam, you can choose airplane, train, bus, etc. However, the most convenient way is airplane. You can fly from the North (Ha Noi) to the South (Ho Chi Minh city) within 2 hours. Moreover, there are a lot of domestic branches in Vietnam you can choose, from cheap price with standard service to expensive price with business service.

There are 4 airplane branches in Vietnam:

1. Vietjet Air

This is the cheapest branch. The service is quite good, however, it will be sometime delayed from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Besides that, you will be required to bring your luggage for not more than 7kg and food is not included if you book promo fare. With cheap price, this airline may be a good choice to be with you in every journey.

You can directly book your flight with Vietjet Air here.

2. Jetstar Pacific

This airline is also a good branch. Your luggage will be required for not more than 7kg and food is not included if you book cheap fare. The service is quite good. This airline is also a good choice for those who want to save money and enjoy good service.

You can directly book your flight with Jetstar Pacific here.

3. Vietnam airline

This is the best branch in Vietnam. The price is more expensive, however, your luggage is accepted to be up to 20kg and food is included. For sure, the service of it is very good with professional hospitality.

You can directly book your flight with Vietnam Airlines here.

4. Bamboo airway

This is the newest one in 4 airline branches. The service is so good with not too expensive price. However, it is just opened for some months ago, there are not many domestic flights, so you need to check before making a reservation.

You can directly book your flight with Bamboo Airways here.

Depending on your finance and your need, you can choose the most suitable one with your journey.


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