December 12, 2018
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Get Visa To Vietnam In Tet Holiday 2019

The Tet Holiday is the most important holiday in Vietnam. On this traditional holiday, people are usually not working. They come back to their hometown and enjoy the holiday with family. Before the Tet Holiday, people come to the market, super market, shop etc. to buy the new things for their house (furniture, clothes, flower, fruit, etc.), then decorate or renew the house. In the Lunar New Year Eve, members in the family gather together, eating the meal, sharing their story about their work, job, their life for the whole past year, as well as the new plan in the new year. From 1st to 3rd Lunar New Year is the time for rest, visiting relatives or travelling.

people gather at home to welcome tet holiday in vietnam


When Is Tet Holiday 2019?

The Vietnamese Tet Holiday will take place from 02 February to 10 February, 2019. Most shops are closed on Tet Days and the streets are quite. However, in tourist areas, many people visit and the services will remain to be opened.

Vietnam Immigration Department will be off 9 days in total in Lunar New Year 2019 (Tet festival)

Travel can be difficult. Buses and trains do get busy. Air tickets is more difficult to book. Hotels and hostels are mostly fully booked (especially in famous tourist destination). The price for all services is more expensive than normal ones. So, make sure to book services before the Tet holiday to have a good trip.

How To Get Visa To Vietnam In Tet Holiday 2019?

Tet is the peak season of all services, included visa. The Immigration Department – the office issuing Vietnam visa – will be closed on Tet Holiday. It means that if you apply visa on Tet Holiday, you will get visa when Tet ends. So, if you have plan to come to Vietnam on Tet Holiday, you should apply visa in advance. The best one is applying 1 month before Tet Holiday. Do not wait until the Tet holiday coming to apply the visa.

In case you forget to apply visa in advance, or you suddenly decide to visit Vietnam in this period of time, don’t worry! You can still obtain visa on Tet Holiday!

In order to get visa on Tet Holiday (the days off of Immigration Department), you must apply through express service. Express service is the service to process visa urgently, and it is the unique way to get visa on Tet Holiday. Of course, to use this service, you have to pay an extra fee. Therefore, the price for getting visa in Tet holiday is much higher than the normal day.

To apply an urgent visa on Tet Holidays, just click on this link to apply and don’t forget to choose express service when filling out the form.

For more information, please contact us through email:

We still work as normal on Tet Holiday, and we will support all customers to process all applications in this high season.

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