September 10, 2018
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How To Get To Vietnam


International Airports

There are 11 international airports in Vietnam:

  • Cat Bi Airport in Hai Phong city, 5km south-east of city center.
  • Noi Bai Airport in Ha Noi, 30 km north of city center.
  • Vinh Airport in Nghe An province, 7km south of city center.
  • Phu Bai Airport in Thua Thien Hue province, 14km south of city center.
  • Da Nang Airport in Da Nang city, close to the center of the city.
  • Chu Lai Airport in Quang Nam province, 25km south of Tam Ky city.
  • Cam Ranh Airport in Khanh Hoa province, 30km south of Nha Trang city.
  • Lien Khuong Airport in Lam Dong province, 28km south-west of Da Lat city.
  • Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh city, 7km from the city center.
  • Can Tho Airport in Can Tho city, about 8km north-west of the city center.
  • Phu Quoc Airport in Kien Giang province, 5km south of Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc island.

The two biggest international airports in Vietnam are Noi Bai (in Ha Noi) and Tan Son Nhat (in Ho Chi Minh city).

Direct Flights to Vietnam

Vietnam Airlines is the state-owner carrier, which offers direct flights to/from about 40 international destinations in the Asia-Pacific and Europe. Besides, there are two carriers offers cheap flights to short destination: Vietjet Air and Jetstar. Almost these flights are offered to/from Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city. Here are direct flights to/from Vietnam by Vietnam Airlines and other Vietnamese airlines:

From/ To Asia – Pacific:

  • Australia: Melbourne/ Sydney – Ho Chi Minh city by Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar.
  • China: Beijing/ Guangzhou/ Hongkong/ Shanghai – Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh by Vietnam Airlines; Chengdu – Ha Noi by Vietnam Airlines; Hong Kong – Ha Noi/ Ho chi Minh by Jetstar.
  • Cambodia:Phnom Penh/ Siem Riep – Ha Noi/ Ho chi Minh city; Siem Riep – Da Nang by Vietnam Airlines.
  • Indonesia: Jakarta – Ho Chi Minh city by Vietnam Airlines.
  • Japan: Tokyo/ Nagoya/ Fukuoka/ Osaka – Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh city by Vietnam airlines; Tokyo – Da Nang by Vietnam Airlines; Tokyo – Ha Noi by Vietjet Air; Osaka – Ho Chi Minh city by Vietjet Air.
  • Korea: Seoul – Ha Noi/ Da Nang/ Ho Chi Minh city by Vietnam Airlines; Busan – Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh city by Vietnam Airlines; Seoul – Hai Phong/ Ha Noi/ Ho chi Minh city by Vietjet Air.
  • Laos: Vientiane – Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh city by Vietnam Airlines; Luong Phrabang – Ha Noi by Vietnam Airlines.
  • Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur – Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh city by Vietnam Airlines; Kuala Lumpur – Ho Chi Minh by Vietjet Air.
  • Myanmar: Yangon – Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh city by Vietnam Airlines. Yangon – Ho Chi Minh city by Vietjet Air, Jetstar.
  • Philippines: Manila – Ho Chi Minh city by Vietnam Airlines.
  • Singapore: Singapore – Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh city by Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air and Jetstar.
  • Taiwan: Taipei/ Kaohsiung – Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh city by Vietnam Airlines; Taipei/ Taichung/ Tainan/ Kaohsiung – Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh city by Vietjet air.
  • Thailand: Bangkok – Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh city by Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar; Bangkok – Hai Phong/ Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh city by Vietjet Air.

From/ To Europe:

  • France: Paris – Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh city by Vietnam Airlines.
  • Germany: Frankfurt – Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh city by Vietnam Airlines.
  • Russia: Moscow – Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh city/ Khanh Hoa by Vietnam Airlines.
  • UK: London – Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh city by Vietnam Airlines.

In addition, some foreign airlines also exploit direct flights to/ from Vietnam, such as Air Asia, China Airlines, Kokean Air, Japan Air, Cathay Pacific, etc.

Transit Flights to Vietnam

In case you don’t have much money, and are flexible for time, you can use transit flights to Vietnam. There are many transit flight to Vietnam. The three most used transit airport to tranfer to Vietnam is: Bangkok in Thailand, Singapore in Singapore, and Kula Lumpur in Malaysia. Moreover, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Quatar are some city for Europe to Vietnam.


Over Land Border to Vietnam:

Vietnam is the country which shares the same border with China, Laos and Cambodia. It is now possible to enter Vietnam overland from either China, Laos, or Cambodia.

From China:

The Beijing – Ha Noi trains enter Vietnam at Dong Dang, north of Lang Son. Besides, there are many borders which the tourists can cross over:

  • Huu Nghi Quan (Friendship) – 17km north of Lang Son province;
  • Lao Cai – 4km north of Lao Cai city center.
  • Kim Thanh – 5km north of Lao Cai city;
  • Mong Cai – 176km north-east of Ha Long city.

From Laos:

There are now several border crossings, including:

  • Tay Trang – 31km south-west of Dien Bien Phu city;
  • Na Meo – 213km north-west of Thanh Hoa city; Nam Can – 250km north-west of Vinh city;
  • Cau Treo – 100km west of Ha Tinh city;
  • Cha Lo – 160km north-west of Dong Hoi city;
  • Lao Bao – 80km north-west of Dong Ha city;
  • La Lay – 120km south-west of Dong Ha city;
  • Bo Y – over 85km north-west of Kon Tum city.

From Cambodia:

  • Le Thanh – 80km south-west of Pleiku city;
  • Xa Mat – 50km north west of Tay Ninh city;
  • Moc Bai – 70km north-west of Ho Chi Minh city;
  • Hoa Lu – 107km north-west of Cao Lanh city;
  • Tinh Bien – 25km south-west of Chau Doc city;
  • Xa Xia – 6km north-west of Ha Tien town;
  • Vinh Xuong water bay border gate – 30km north of Chau Doc city in An Giang province.


There are many marine routes to international sea ports in Vietnam:

  • Hon Gai Sea Port in Quang Ninh province (near Ha Long Bay);
  • Hai Phong Sea Port in Hai Phong city;
  • Da Nang Sea Port in Da Nang city;
  • Nha Trang Sea Port in Khanh Hoa province;
  • Quy Nhon Sea Port in Quy Nhon city (Binh Dinh province);
  • Vung Tau Sea Port in Vung Tau city (Ba Ria Vung Tau province);
  • Ho Chi Minh Sea Port in Ho Chi Minh city

These ports welcome a lot of tourism cruises, such as Super Star Virgo, Costa Romatica, Diamond Princess, etc.


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