May 31, 2018
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Top 7 spectacularly but extremely dangerous roads in Vietnam

With terrain 3/4 is mountainous, Vietnam owns a lot of beautiful road along the country. However, besides the hidden beauty that attracts many visitors, the folded sleeve cues, or the vertical slope to hide the constant danger to visitors on these arcs always appear along the way through seven majestic but most dangerous roads in Vietnam.


Ma Pi Leng Pass



It is named one of the four great passes in Vietnam and can be considered as the road that makes the people of the dream of conquering once in their life.

With a length of about 20 km on the road of Happiness, the mountain is about 2,000m high, connecting Meo Vac town with Dong Van, it was built in the six years (1959-1965). Since 2009, Ma Pi Leng has been recognized as a national landscape. Accordingly, Ma Phi Leng Pass is considered as a unique geological and landscape heritage destination.

Ma Pi Leng means “the horse nose”. This Mount Pass is one of the most beautiful panoramic viewpoints in Vietnam. It is preferred not only by the ruggedness of winding roads that appeal to explorer but also by the beauty of the wild but equally poetic landscape of this place.


Pha Din Pass

Province: Son La



Pha Din Pass is 32 km long, located on Highway 6, between Son La and Dien Bien. In Thai minority language, Pha Din means “Heaven and Earth,” which implies that this is the place of contiguity between Heaven and Earth.

The terrain is rough and sloping around 10%, some up to 15%, even 19%. On the up and down ramps, the truck driver must pass through 8 bow lanes, extremely vicious zigzagging. The number of sleeves, the letter A, the letter Z, many sections are just enough for a car to pass through. Plus the soft soil with the slippery landslide, limited vision in mist, Pha Din Pass became the obsession of many drivers driving goods through this.


O Quy Ho Pass

Province: Lao Cai



With a length of nearly 50 km, located on the highway 4D crossing the Hoang Lien Son range, connecting the two provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau, O Quy Ho is the longest recorded mountain pass in the Northwest of Vietnam.

O Quy Ho’s name is associated with the legend of unmarried couple’s love story. O Quy Ho Pass is a place where many young people like to conquer the desire to see the panorama of white clouds or icy snow covering the pass when the temperature drops below the 0 degrees. However, with the extremely dangerous structure of one side is a deep abyss, the other side is a cliff, O Quy Ho is really a challenge to all drivers.


Khau Pha Pass

Province: Yen Bai



Khau Phau Pass is located in the border area between Van Chan and Mu Cang Chai district of Yen Bai province. Pass at the height of 1,200m to 1,500m above sea level. This is the longest pass on Highway 32 with the length of over 30 km. Khau Phạ means “Sky horn”.

The dreamy landscape with pictures of terraced fields stretches wildly, the pristine jungle in the primary rice season (September and October) attracts many visitors to overcome the challenges to be here.

However, over time, this road has been downgraded pretty much, easily landslides, not to mention the rocks on the high can fall down at any time. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the road.


Ngoan Muc Pass

Province: Ninh Thuan



Ngoan Muc Pass, which connects the two provinces of Ninh Thuan and Lam Dong, is also known as Song Pha Pass – one of the most beautiful passes in Vietnam. The pass has a slope of 9 degrees with four crisscrossing and winding folds.

And the name itself – Ngoan Muc (means “spectacular”) has somewhat expressed its appeal but also reflects the constant danger with the largest slope in the Southern provinces.


Ca Pass

Location: Phu Yen – Khanh Hoa



Deo Ca is 12km long, located on National Highway 1A adjacent to the sea, is the famous destination connecting two provinces Phu Yen – Khanh Hoa. It is one of the most dangerous terrains in Central Vietnam, but with the luck of owning its beauty as a giant watercolor painting in shadow under clear sea water, Deo Ca Pass has attracted many visitors, especially the one with passionate to conquest and explore the dangerous destinations.

According to the Pass records, there are 98 rounds of crabs, including 10 particularly dangerous crabs. One side of the pass is the cliffs upright, the other side is the deep abyss. There are many temples set up along the road, associated with the accident and the story of oral mesmerizing.

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