May 28, 2018
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The most beautiful beaches in Vietnam you should visit once in your life

Vietnam has over 3,400 km of coastline, along with luxury resorts. There are small bays surrounded by forests, which can only be visited by small boats with pristine islands. Vietnam deserves one of the best marine tourism destinations in the region.


In summer, visitors will be pleased to discover the beautiful beaches in Vietnam with white sand, sunshine, blue water.


Long Beach, Phu Quoc



Long Beach is located on the northwest of Phu Quoc – a beautiful and wild island. With a long coastline of nearly 20km, Long Beach is considered as a paradise with sunshine, cool water and unspoiled tranquility, the perfect place to sunbathe, watch the sunset and swim. In 2008, Long Beach was voted as the top 13 most beautiful and pristine beach in the world.


Nha Trang beach



Nha Trang beach is known as the “champion” of the sea of Vietnam and has been visited by tourists from all over the country and abroad for many years. Nha Trang beach is the most beautiful beach in Vietnam with blue sea, white sand stretching endless and one of the 99 most beautiful beaches voted by National Geographic magazine in mid-November 2010.


Doc Let beach


Doc Let Beach is located in Ninh Hai Commune, Ninh Hoa District -is a beautiful beach with white sand and blue sea that covers more than 2.5 km along the coast. The sea here is pristine, the sea is always gentle, gentle even the days of heavy wind. The natural scenery on the shore, the sea in front of Doc Let are attracting visitors.



In addition, it is very close to Van Phong Bay. Visit Doc Let, in addition to coastal resorts, visitors can visit fishing villages, salt fields, Hon Khoi area, Hon Heo. The resort offers a wide range of recreational facilities such as swimming pools, hotels, restaurants …


My Khe Beach, Quang Ngai


My Khe beach of Da Nang is only about 900 meters long but always busy and crowded because this beach is both indigenous and international favorites. In 2005, Forbes (USA) voted My Khe as one of the six most attractive beaches in the world.



You will be surprised by the beautiful natural scenery of the blue water waves mixed with warm sunshine, surrounded by fine white sand stretches about 10 km from the foot of Son Tra Peninsula to Non Nuoc Ngu Hanh Son.

My Khe beach is definitely a great destination promising to give visitors an enjoyable experience during their summer vacation.


Ninh Chu beach, Ninh Thuan



Ninh Chu beach is located in Binh Son village, Khanh Hai town, Ninh Thuan province, famous for being one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in Vietnam. Ninh Chu beach is 10km long, the sea level flat arc, blue sea water, smooth white sand, fresh air, waves all year round and very suitable for tourism activities such as swimming, surfing, fishing, yachting, hiking, hunting.


Con Dao Beach


Con Dao is an isolated island off the coast of Vietnam. However, this place still retains the wild nature, mystery, beautiful magic with the visitors to explore. The white sand beach and blue sea to a distance to the horizon is the first thing you will see when coming to Con Dao, especially Dam Trau beach – the most beautiful beach here.



In 2011, Travel magazine has voted Con Dao as one of the 20 most enigmatic islands in the world and this place has reached in the “blue eyes” of international travel experts with many attractions.


Doi Duong beach, Binh Thuan



Doi Duong is the name of a beach, a park located in the heart of Phan Thiet city. If Ham Tien – Mui Ne is the private beach of the resort only for their visitors, Doi Duong is a public beach for the public. The name is called Doi Duong because in the past, this place is a large area planted a lot of windbreakers. However, nowadays the area has been shrunk so much because most of the land is reserved for Novotel Phan Thiet. Doi Duong Beach is officially named Doi Duong Park.


What is E-visa?


E-visas are a type of visa issued by the Immigration Department to foreigners through the electronic transaction system.  Vietnamese e-visa is valid for a one-time period of no more than 30 days.

What are the conditions of the E-visa?

  1. You must be visitors living abroad;
  2. You must have a valid passport;
  3. You not belonging to the cases not yet permitted for entry under Article 21 of the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Visitors in Vietnam.


How to apply E-visa?


Step 1: Enter information for electronic visa

Step 2: Pay electronically

Step 3: Use the electronic file code to check the results, if approved, perform electronic visas

For more detailed advice on this procedure or our legal assistance in implementing the procedure, please contact us!
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