May 30, 2018
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Full experience in Hanoi Old Quarter – The trip of your life

Hanoi Old Quarter is a zone that near Hoan Kiem lake with 36 streets, each street is focused on selling a different item, which is named for that street also. Now let’s see how much you know about this special zone of Hanoi, and how to get the most perfect experience in Old Quarter.


How to travel to the Old Town?


There are many options for you to go to Hanoi Old Quarter such as the bus, motorbike with the driver (xe om), rented motorbike, taxi … If you go by bus, you can choose the route: 09, 14, 36 to Hoan Kiem Lake or 03, 11, 14, 18, 22, 34, 40 to go to O Quan Chuong, from where you can walk to the Old Town.

Now we will let you walk around the zone with some famous destinations:


Hoan Kiem Lake



Or another name is Ho Guom, associated with the legend of the goddess turtle asked for the sword. Hoan Kiem Lake is located in the heart of the city, it attracts many domestic and foreign visitors. Beside the lake, there are many other tourist attractions such as Ngoc Son Temple, Pen Tower, The Huc Bridge … You can also enjoy the famous Trang Tien ice cream in Hoan Kiem lake.


Ngoc Son Temple



Ngoc Son Temple lies on Ngoc Island of Hoan Kiem Lake, the place where worship of Van Xuong and Holy Trinity. To enter the temple, you have to cross The Huc Bridge. The Ngoc Son Temple complex is classified as a national monument in Vietnam. Come to the temple, you will learn about the history of Hoan Kiem Lake and Hanoi.


Dong Xuan market



Dong Xuan Market is one of the largest markets in Hanoi and also in Old Quarter. Coming here, you will see the busy and crowded market. You can go to Dong Xuan Market to buy gifts for your family and friends.


Hang Ma Street – an exciting destination in the Old Quarter



Hang Ma Street is considered one of the most colorful and joyful streets in Hanoi. Especially on the holidays like Tet holiday, the street is fully decorated with lanterns, light toys, and balloons, it makes this place is not only filled with sound, color, and light but also bold the air with the spiritual mark of Oriental people.


Ta Hien



This is a small street in the heart of Hanoi, where is always full of crowded people, this is the best place to drink beer in Hanoi, and it is very popular with young people. This place is also known as “international crossroads”, it was included in the list of “places to visit in Hanoi” when traveling by many visitors.


O Quan Chuong



O Quan Chuong is one of the five remaining cellars of the ancient Thang Long citadel, which was designed in the architectural style of the Nguyen Dynasty. The name of the cell door is set by the people to remember the merits and heroic sacrifices of Chuong Co during the anti-French period.


What to eat in Hanoi Old Quarter?


When traveling to Hanoi Old Quarter, you will definitely not miss the food. Here are some of the most famous dishes of the city:

– Food of Dong Xuan Market

– Bun Cha – 43 Hang Buom

– Pho Bat Dan – 49 Bat Dan

– Bun Thang – 32 Cau Go

– Sweet tea, dim sum at Mrs. Mai tea shop – 93 Hang Bac

– Prawn noodles at 31 Hang Khay street

– Fried fish La Vong – 14 fish balls

– Dry beef dumpling, filter cake in Hoan Kiem street


Night Market in Hanoi Old Quarter



Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market is opened from 18h to 23h on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It is one of the most crowded places with a total of nearly 4,000 booths. The goods are diverse and rich, from clothing to shoes, household appliances, handicrafts, souvenirs… at affordable prices.

On Saturday evenings, they organize performances, traditional folk arts and cultural exchange such as rowing, Quan ho, ca tru outside the market. This is a unique old town night market that attracts a lot of visitors.


Itinerary of Hanoi Old Quarter for your reference


– In the morning, you can visit Dong Xuan Market to enjoy the food here such as vermicelli, noodle, Pho…You can finish breakfast in the market then visit the booth. Then you can continue the journey to locations such as O Quan Chuong.

– In the afternoon you can choose to eat Bun noodle, rice noodle lent or rice island chicken roasted on Ma May. In the afternoon you continue to visit Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son Temple.

– In the evening, you can walk and explore the night market. Or you can go to Ta Hien street to eat, drink and see the bustle of the city.

Hope the information will help you have the experience to explore Hanoi’s old town fun and exciting.


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