June 8, 2018
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The famous horror dishes in Vietnam – Dare you to try!

From the original duck flip-flop, which is familiar, to the extremely terrible curry of the North West people … and many other horror dishes.


Duck eggs (almost hatch)


This is a dish that made from duck eggs when the embryo has developed into a shape. The duck egg is considered as a healthy food for your health. This is always the favorite food with everyone from children to adult, from North to South.


People love this dish too much that they have processed many different dishes from this. From boiled (steamed) traditional to sautéed with the different ingredients. Especially when eating some kind of hot pot, many people break duck eggs while still alive and full of blood, then put in the pot of hot water, and the duck eggs ripen faster. The most horrible thing to say to duck eggs that when the egg is old enough, formed full beak, bones, feathers, wings.



Some caution when eating this dish is that, you should be careful with the elderly and children (those with a bad digestive system), should eat it with flagrant knotweed for easy digestion and you should not eat the evening.


Frozen duck/chicken blood


The simple soup is the blood of the living animals. Although medical experts always warn about harmful viruses, bacteria and parasites can cause infections, coma, poisoning… this is still one of the most favorite food in the North.



Many people just cannot be relieved when they think of a bowl of sliced green beans to add some delicious roasted vegetables and roasted peanuts. This is the dish that only exists in Vietnam but not anywhere else in the world.


Snake Meat


This is an extremely nutritious and favorite dish in the South West. This dish is usually eaten right after cooked, so it is not as horrible as duck blood and duck egg. However, seeing that the snake being bent on the stick to baking, sure enough, many people will shiver.



The snake that is cooked is so much safer, there are dozens of ways to make snakes differently.


You can even eat solid hot pots or snake porridge when you are sick. You can use all the bone parts of a snake to cook crispy and become a savory dish. To talk about the most horrible dish, it is definitely a solid heart.


Many people love to drink the snake heart just took out, and pounding, then put it into a glass of wine. Is it scary?


Coconut worm


It is taken from the tops of coconut trees, mainly in the South West. There is no hair like the duck egg, no blood-red color like the duck blood, no scary shape like a snake… but coconut worm is always the famous dish that many people do not dare to try eating. Simply because they are larvae, so they are still crawling.



Although there are still many ways to process this dish such as grilled, fried crispy, roll the dough to reduce the frightened, but this dish is best eaten when the coconut worm is still alive, soaked in a cup of freshly squeezed fish sauce, and then put it into mouth right away.


Just imagine that the worm is still writhing in your mouth, waiting to “run” into the throat, then it makes many people terrified. However, this is still a clean dish, rich in protein and vitamins.


Rice field Mouse


This is the favorite dish of many people in the West of Saigon. For the farmers here, eating the mouse not only protects the crops but also improves the family’s dinner.



Mice live in the field and eat only rice, so they are very healthy. They also run so much to avoid being arrested, so they are very strong, and the meat is extremely delicious. Most people who have eaten also find that rats are even more delicious than chicken meat. The best mackerel is after the harvest season is finished, people will collect the straw into a heap and then grilled the rats right there as a reward for themselves. The sweet and savory meat is more slightly if it is burnt a little bit.


Fish/Seafood sauce



When cooked, it looks just like ordinary fish, there is even hot pot sauce, which is extremely popular in other places. To make this dish, they clean the live fish and then put in the bowl, covered with salt and then compressed tightly for about a week, then again soaked with another spice and other ingredients for another month.


Vietnamese sand-worm



This is a specialty dish of the North. Vietnamese sand-worm is a kind of worm that tastes delicious like mike, and rich in nutrients. But when looking at the “worms”, you will find them very crawling, there are certainly many people ready to give up when looking at them.



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