April 11, 2018
Travel Tips

5 unresisted travel paradise in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has many islands with the long coast, which are well-known as the tourist paradise. They maintain the beauty of wild and romantic that appeared for hundred years. This article will show you the 5 paradises in Southeast Asia that you cannot resist coming once in your life.


1. El Nido island – The Philippines



El Nido island has been on top of the world’s most fascinating and discreet destinations in many famous travel magazines. The most amazing part of Palawan is the vast world with numerous islands and rich plants and species. The island is also home to countless species of colorful fish and coral reefs that offer truly irresistible appeal. It seems that El Nido was born for devotees of marine tourism and exploration. Just put a few bikini luggage and some personal belongings, you have a trip to explore the ocean that you can never forget.


2. Bromo Volcano – Indonesia



Bromo – one of the five most active volcanoes in the world – is a place, where all the tourists are told that you should go once in a lifetime. Sunrise in Bromo is so beautiful that people can be ready to queue from 3 or 4 AM in the morning just to take a look. A European traveler once wrote about the Bromo’s dawn: “Standing on the edge of the hollow, you can feel the ground sometimes shakes after the growl of a huge black hole, which is like a stadium deep below. The smell of sulfur smoke, the wind blowing, creating a cold feeling back in the journey to discover and experience the natural wonders of Bromo volcanic crater”.


3. Phuket Island – Thailand



Phuket is like the jewel of Thailand with the long coastline, many fascinated white sand beaches, tranquil bays and blue waters. The beach is full of palm trees and sports activities. Phuket is also famous for the presence of many of the world’s leading resorts with reasonable prices and quality professional travel services. These factors contribute to making this beautiful island one of the top tourist attractions in Thailand as well as in Southeast Asia.


4. Bagan – Myanmar



Bagan – A sacred land of the Buddhist in Myanmar – is so beautiful that even the most fastidious visitors still fall into when coming to this place. Although it has to go through the destruction of time and urbanization, the unique of Buddhism here remains unchanged and intact.

The best experience is to travel on the red dirt road to explore each temple or stand under the canopy of the roadside tree, where you can see all the bustle out there just as fleeting. An experience that all travelers cannot ignore when arriving Bagan is to fly with the balloon, watching the scenery of the temple sunk in the light at the end of the day – What a peaceful and quiet space!


5. Ly Son Island – Vietnam



Ly Son is the kingdom of the blue sky, the garlic and the hometown of the simplest people. The journey to explore Ly Son takes visitors to many pristine beaches, white sandy garlands or various and brilliant flowers. Visitors can easily find themselves a “private beach” because there are seashores with huge rocks, which deeply encroached creating secret corners in this place.

At present, there are 5 mountains is the evidence of volcanic eruption. Volcanic eruptions and erosion have created spectacular natural landscapes on the island. In particular, the peak of Thoi Loi is the highest peak of Ly Son Island (149m). Nowadays, there is a freshwater lake containing about 30,000 cubic meters of water, providing fresh water for both large islands and small islands in Ly Son.



Standing on the top of Thoi Loi peak, you can admire the whole landscape of Ly Son island with the harmonious combination of blue jade of sea water, the green color of the trees and white color of sand. All created a wonderful natural painting named Ly Son.

With diverse natural scenery, rich cuisine and friendly people, Southeast Asia seems to be an indispensable destination in the international travel of many Western visitors, especially Vietnam – One of the most mystery and excitement place in the world.


E-visa and all you need to know about visa fee


One more thing that stands between you and your amazing trip is the visa. At the moment, you can apply three types of visa: Stamp visa at the embassy, visa on arrival, and E- visa. The visa fee is also different from these types.

Generally, to get a stamped visa at the embassy, you only need to pay a small visa fee, from $8 to $10 depending on each country. But you will need to do all the paperwork, from taking the form, printing it, deliver to the embassy, wait for them about one week to process, and mostly no support if you have any problem with it.

With visa on arrival, the visa fee is from $10 plus stamp fee for the government on arrival, but all you need to do is fill the online form. However, it requires to pay a fee for the visa approval letter and stamp fee when collecting visa on arrival, and you have to pick up your visa at the international airport.

You have another (and perhaps the best option) to apply for a visa, it is E-visa. The visa fee is from $40, but you do not have to pay any additional fee on arrival, it is all fixed. You simply need to fill the form and let us do all the job left. You can also enter Vietnam at any port with E-visa, what a convenience!

Now it is time to pick up your stuff, book a flight ticket, and contact us for the quickest and the most convenience visa, and get ready for the amazing summer trip ahead!


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