April 11, 2018
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5 oldest hotels that you must visit in Vietnam

The French have brought the hotel business into Vietnam since the 80s of the Nineteenth century through the construction of the first hotel in Saigon, followed by Hanoi and Hue city. However, through the ups and downs of history, only a handful of hotels are able to maintain the old beauty and continue to grow until today.


Hoa Binh Hotel



The Hoa Binh Hotel was first named as Le Coq d’Or, which was stood between Ngo Quyen and Ly Thuong Kiet road. The French made the decision to construct a 2-floors hotel, which was named as Le Coq d’Or, this hotel contains 12 suites and 56 rooms in the beginning of the Twentieth century (1917 – 1918).

In the old days, the first two floors of the hotel are only for French officials, it was also one of the oldest hotels in Hanoi. The architecture of the hotel is a characteristic feature of the French style architecture, which has created its own appeal and uniqueness. In 1926, the hotel was renamed Splendid.



After the liberation of the capital, the hotel was renamed Hoa Binh (meaning Peace). Since then, the hotel has undergone a number of renovations. However, the architectural stamps from the French era are still preserved integrity.


Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi


Was built in 1901 by two French investors, Metropole is the first five-star hotel and one of the oldest hotels in Hanoi.



During the war, the hotel became a place to welcome politicians, diplomats and famous international figures interested in the Vietnam War. At that time, the hotel had to build a bomb shelter, which was rediscovered when the building was restored in 2012. As the war is about to end and Western countries open diplomatic relations with Vietnam, this is where many countries choose to place the embassy temporarily.



Sofitel Metropole now has 364 rooms including 32 suites. The hotel is divided into two areas – the Old Metropole and the New Opera. Except for the Premium rooms, all the other rooms have an extra bed to serve up to 3 guests.


Saigon Hotel – Morin



The hotel is located in the best location of Hue with 4 biggest façades of the city, Saigon Morin Hotel is well-known for the architecture of French, gorgeous amenities and top standard of service. The hotel was constructed in the year of 1901, it is famous as the first hotel in the Central of Vietnam, and a symbol of Hue’s history and tourism.



Not only bring customers professional products and services, Saigon Morin also offers visitors an interesting experience of more than 100 years of the hotel in this city.


Hotel Continental Hotel Sai Gon



Hotel Continental Sai Gon is the most splendid hotel in Saigon. Was built in the 1880s, the hotel has classic style follow the French romance architecture and has hosted many celebrities including super model Kate Moss, famous writer Graham Green, the President Jacques Chirac, etc.



The hotel is ranked 4-star standard with 86 guest rooms, luxuriously furnished, in-room facilities are designed in old style with the woody material, bring a cozy feeling, alternating between present and past. In addition, the hotel also has 2 restaurants, 2 bars and many other services located in the heart of the city, which is convenient for tourists and businessmen to work in the city.


Majestic Saigon



It is one of the most famous hotels of Saigon and a symbol of Saigon’s splendor at the time. Since the beginning, Majestic has witnessed and passed many historic changes of Saigon.

The person who paid for the construction of the Majestic Hotel was the most affluent Vietnamese merchant of Saigon – Gia Dinh. He was ranked among the richest in Sai at that time.



Over the ups and downs of history after the unification of the country, Majestic Hotel changed its name into Cuu Long, but the business name was remained Majestic, it is now under the management of the Ho Chi Minh Tourism Department. In 2007, this hotel was recognized by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism as a 5-star hotel.


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