April 11, 2018
Travel Tips

5 countries that you cannot-miss in South East Asia

What do you intend to do in this summer? Why don’t you come to South East Asia with hundreds of interesting things to explore and enjoy your summertime so meaningful?

There 5 countries that you can’t help visiting in South East Asia. Let’s start!


1. Thailand



The first country we want to suggest you in your vacation is Thailand. This country is famous for beautiful beaches, sacred temples, attractive cuisine and so on.

If you come to Thailand in summer, you can’t miss some of the famous places in this country where there is a beach or an island, such as Phuket, Chiangmai or Pattaya. Besides, don’t forget to experience the cuisine here. So many people have told me that they can’t help visiting Thailand once again just to enjoy the attractive and unique cuisine of the country. Your food may be a little spicy and sour, but believe me, it will be an unforgettable experience in your trip.

Moreover, if you want to learn about the culture here, you will be so excited to see so many beautiful structures and temples along the country.


2. China



Mention to China, you may be reminded of the costume dramas with amazing martial arts. But today, we want to introduce you another China with breath-taking sceneries.

Have you ever cried for a spectacular place right in front of your eyes? If you haven’t, let’s come to China, keep your eyes open and love the views.

With the largest land area in Asia, China has many attractive types of terrain and landscape that will satisfy your vision. From blue seas to gorgeous mountains or immense meadows, whatever kinds of views you want, China has. There are some provinces you can visit when you are in China, such as Shinjang, Beijing, Shanghai, Yunnan, Sichuan…


3. Malaysia



Malaysia is a friendly country, regardless of your background, your religion, your nationality, Malaysia welcomes you.

Come to this country, you will have the chance to visit the highest sky-bridge in the world, explore one of the oldest and largest rainforests or enjoy the one of the most attractive street food all over the world.

Firstly, let’s feed your eyes with the breath-taking views from the Petronas Twin Towers. These two buildings are built and between them, there is a sky-bridge connecting two sides of the towers. These towers have been built for more than 13 years, but they still stay as the highest tower in the world until now.

Secondly, be kind to your stomach with thousands of amazing food here. You can try any dishes and, believe me, they will make you get addicted to the cuisine of this country.


4. Cambodia



Goodbye Malaysia with the twin towers, we come to Cambodia with the ancient Angkor culture.

Angkor Wat is the most famous place in Cambodia and it’s also the main reason to bring visitors to this country. But if you came to this country once, you would absolutely want to come back and explore this land one more time.

The rich culture and charming structures of the country, the people are so hospitable with the smile on the lips every time give visitors a peaceful and relaxing mind.


5. Vietnam



Vietnam, called the S-shaped country, is a small land but it has so many interesting things for visitors to explore.

Vietnam has a unique climate, a food paradise for travelers to Vietnam, a rich culture and so many types of terrain for both adventurous trips and vacations. From lovely city as Ha Noi or young city with beautiful beaches city as Da Nang or thousands of flowers city as Da Lat, Vietnam deserves to get your summertime with so much of meaningful experience.

Besides, Vietnam has an attractive street food cuisine, where there are some of the most delicious street food dishes all over the world, such as banh mi. People often call this country as the food lover’s paradise.


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