January 4, 2018
Travel Tips

10 of Asia’s Most Incredible Tropical Beaches

Are you seeking a reprieve from the onslaught of the gloomy cold-weather months? Then head on over to make an invigorating getaway to any of Asia’s most memorable and least crowded seaside destinations, where you will find sunshine, sandy beaches, heady coastal winds, and clear blue waters. Here are 10 tropical beaches to consider for your upcoming Asian holiday spree.


Lazy Beach (Cambodia)


Located in Koh Rong Sanloem in Cambodia, Lazy Beach is a white sandy beach resort where you are free to snorkel in a small reef and have a pleasant stay at any of the 19 bungalows outfitted with thatched roofs. Picturesque sunset views, fresh seafood menu offerings, and the lack of Wi-Fi access ensure your warm-weather Cambodian holiday is truly a respite from the grueling modern world.


Coconut Beach Bungalows (Cambodia)


Coconut Beach Bungalows, located on Koh Rong Island, Cambodia,  boasts of a suite of rustic accommodations overlooking lush jungles, heavenly white sandy beaches, and sparkling vivid blue waters. There are no roads here. You will be on foot throughout your exhilarating adventure across the island.


Amihan Beach (Philippines)


Amihan Beach is right along Bantayan Island’s coastline in Cebu, Philippines. Expect a bustling tropical paradise in this corner of the Philippines. Amihan Beach comes complete with clear shallow waters, bamboo cabanas, swaying palm trees, and diverse marine life.


Cadlao Island Beach (Philippines)


Located in the Bacuit archipelago, the magnificent Cadlao Island Beach is home to adrenalin junkies. Here, you can dive, snorkel, kayak, trek, as well as climb cliffs and limestone rock formations. The shores along this part of the Philippines are simply breathtaking to behold. The waters are also pristine and sparkling.


Jungle Beach (Vietnam)


Serene and secluded, Jungle Beach is a family-run resort touting white sands and pristine waters set back against verdant mountains, where trekking is encouraged. Simply head north of Nha Trang, Vietnam to find Jungle Beach’s relaxing and rustic accommodations.


Con Dao (Vietnam)


A terrific Vietnamese seaside destination alternative to Jungle Beach is this stunning beachside attraction along the Con Dao archipelago. Enjoy the lush jungle, the absence of rowdy vacationers, and the beautifully tranquil turquoise waters.


Arambol Beach (India)


This warm stretch of scenic seaside destination along Goa, India is calming and is rarely crowded with holiday goers. Somewhere in the vicinity of Arambol Beach, you will find a hot spring, which you can check out after enjoying a frolic with dolphins in one of the bays.


Khao Lak Beach (Thailand)


At Khao Lak Beach, an estimated one-hour drive from Phuket International Airport, you can soak under the tropical sun while surrounded by the idyllic Thai coastline fronting the Andaman Sea. Try snorkeling, diving, hiking, and exploring the nearby waterfalls.


Perhentian Island Beach (Malaysia)


East of Malaysia is a charming coastal area brimming with sandy beaches and dramatic blue waters. You can dive and snorkel at Perhentian Island Beach. You can also explore the hidden coves or stroll barefoot along the gloriously sandy stretch at sundown.


Ngapali Beach (Burma)


Ngapali Beach is a sunny seaside Burmese paradise that is relatively unexplored by avid beachgoers. Diverse accommodations are available, including fantastic offerings at Amara Ocean Resort. Ngapali Beach gives you unforgettable views of the Bay of Bengal’s clear blue waters and picturesque sunsets.


The Asian continent is home to the planet’s most spectacular tropical beaches. You can always turn to the most popular beachside destinations that attract tourists almost year-round, or you can choose any of the above ten idyllic seaside wonders.


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