September 26, 2018
Visa for Indian

Vietnam Visa in Chennai – India

Types of Vietnam visa for Indian


There are 3 ways to obtain Vietnam visa for Indian at this moment:

1/ Applying at the Vietnam Embassy in India

There is a Vietnam embassy in New Delhi and a Vietnam consulate in Mumbai. See detail here.

People living in New Delhi and Mumbai can directly come to Vietnam embassy or consulate and apply visa. It takes about 5 working days to get visa from the date submitting the documents. These documents include original passport + photo + application form + some other related documents.

Please note: The fee for applying visa at the embassy or consulate is a bit higher than applying online.


2/ Apply Visa On Arrival Online

Visa On Arrival is the visa you get on arrival at international airports in Vietnam. In order to get visa on arrival, you must apply in advance to get the visa approval letter (the document allows you to get visa stamp on arrival). Visa On Arrival is cheap and easy for applying.

With Visa On Arrival, you can enter and exit Vietnam one time or multiple times, with 1 month staying, 3 months staying, 6 months staying or 1 year staying. You can extend this visa when it expires.

Visa On Arrival features:

Entry ports: Though using Visa On Arrival, You are accepted to enter Vietnam via some international airports only. Please carefully check to book the suitable air ticket to fly to Vietnam.


  • Tourist 1 month single entry
  • Tourist 3 months single entry
  • Tourist 1 month multiple entries
  • Tourist 3 months multiple entries
  • Tourist 6 months multiple entries
  • Tourist 1 year multiple entries
  • Business 1 month single entry
  • Business 3 months single entry
  • Business 1 month multiple entries
  • Business 3 months multiple entries
  • Business 6 months multiple entries
  • Business 1 year multiple entries

Processing time: 2 working days for getting visa approval letter.

Documents: There is no documents required when applying Visa On Arrival.

Fee: 6 USD for one month single entry + 25 USD stamp fee on arrival. Fee of the other types, click here.


3/ Apply e-Visa online

e-Visa is a different type of Vietnam visa. E-Visa only allows you to enter Vietnam one time with maximum 30 days staying. You cannot extend it to stay longer in Vietnam if using this visa. However, this type of visa allows you to enter Vietnam via airports, land borders and seaports.

See the difference between e-Visa and Visa On Arrival here.

e-Visa features:

Entry ports: There are some international airports, land borders and seaports that you can enter by using e-Visa.


  • Tourist e-Visa
  • Business e-Visa

Processing time: 2 working days

Documents: You need to submit your passport photo and your digital photo when applying e-Visa.

Fee: 40 USD for tourist e-Visa (no additional fee on arrival) and 55 USD for business e-Visa (no additional fee on arrival)


How to Get Vietnam Visa in Chennai?


There are no Vietnam embassy or consulate in Chennai. If you want to apply through embassy or consulate, you need to move to New Delhi or Mumbai. It costs a lot of money for transportation. The fee for applying in embassy or consulate is higher than apply online as well.

You should apply Visa On Arrival or e-Visa (depending on your visit purpose, length of stays, port of entry, number of entry, etc., you choose the most suitable one for you). Both Visa On Arrival and e-Visa can be applied online with simple steps. It saves a lot of time and money for you.

Guidance for applying Visa On Arrival, click here.

Guidance for applying e-Visa, click here.


Different with e-Visa which only some countries are accepted to apply, Visa On Arrival is available for everybody. People of all nationalities can use this type of visa to enter …