What’s different between e-visa & visa on arrival?

e-Visa and Visa On Arrival (VOA) is one of the several visa types issued by the Vietnamese Immigration Department to foreigners intending to enter the country. Here’s below the different between them:

e-VisaVisa On Arrival (VOA)
Purpose of visit
Both e-visa & visa on arrival offer visa to Vietnam for 2 purposes: tourist (type DL) OR business (type DN).
Entry type
e-Visa allows to enter Vietnam with a single entry
Visa On Arrival (VOA) option allows to choose single entry or multiple entries
Entry gate
e-visa allows to enter Vietnam at any port (airports, seaports & land-crossing ports)Visa On Arrival (VOA) option allows to enter and pick up your visa at international airports
Length of stay
e-visa allows to stay in Vietnam for maximum 30 days (one month)Visa On Arrival (VOA) option allows you to choose 1 month, 3 months, 6 month and 12 months
Who’s eligible?
Citizens of 40 countries listed that are eligible for e-visaAll citizen of all countries can apply for “visa on arrival”
Involving fees?
e-Visa requires you pay once and no need to pay any fee on arrivalVisa On Arrival (VOA) option requires to pay fee for the visa approval letter and stamp fee when collect visa on arrival
e-Visa holders just go straight to the passport control to show e-visa for checking & then get stamp on your passport for entry 30 days, no need to pay any amount again.Visa On Arrival” requires visitors to apply online for a visa approval letter first, then stop at the “Visa On Arrival” office in the airport to get visa before going to the passport control. A visa stamping fee is required on arrival.

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e-Visa or visa on arrival, what is the one you should choose?

e-Visa holders are allowed to enter Vietnam through any port (international airports for travelers enter Vietnam by airplane, seaports for travelers visit Vietnam on a cruise ship, land borders for those using bus, car, bike,….).

Therefore, if you eligible for e-visa & want enter Vietnam for a short trip (less than 30 days, single entry) by bus, car, bike & cruise ship, you then should apply for an e-visa.

In case you wish stay for more than 30 days (longer the period given by e-visa) or want a visa with multiple-entries for a given period (e-visa allows to enter Vietnam with a single entry), you are advised to choose other types of visa available for visa on arrival option.

If your citizenship not in the list of those are eligible for e-visa of Vietnam, it’s does not a problem, you can apply online with a visa on arrival option then pick up your visa on arrival at the airport where you arrive.

How e-visa of Vietnam looks like?

copy of Vietnam evisa

A copy of Vietnam e-Visa

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