September 20, 2018

Types of Vietnam e-Visa

Vietnam e-Visa is a document providing applicants visa to enter Vietnam with online application. This visa is very convenient and easy to apply online.

For Vietnam e-Visa, there is two types available: tourist e-Visa and business e-Visa. Tourist e-Visa is used for those who enter Vietnam for tourism purpose. Business e-Visa is used for those who enter Vietnam for working purpose. Both are the same about length of stays and time of entry: You are permitted to enter and exit Vietnam one time or multiple time, with maximum 90 days length of stay. Therefore, this visa is suitable for those who just need single entry or multiple visit to Vietnam and stay in Vietnam in a short time (less than 90 days).


e-Visa is a type of visa allowing the holder to enter Vietnam with single or multiple entry and 90 days staying. Please note that this visa is only applicable for …

How to apply for e-Visa to Vietnam? Please see our instruction to apply for an e-Visa For making new application Step 1 – Click ‘Apply Now’ to start for filling the …