January 1, 2024
How to apply Vietnam visa? Visa On Arrival

How To Apply Visa On Arrival Online 2024

Visa On Arrival (VOA) is one type of Visas to enter Vietnam. VOA is eligible for all people over the world who want to visit Vietnam with tourist purpose and business purpose. VOA allows you to enter Vietnam within 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year with single entry or multiple entries. Visa On Arrival is cheap, and easy to apply. It has a lot of advantages that e-Visa does not have.

Many tourists and businessmen choose Visa On Arrival because of its convenience.

How to Apply

For VOA, you can apply online. It is very simple. You click here to apply and just follow these following steps:

Step 1: Fill in the form online

– Your citizenship
– Purpose of visit: tourist or business
– Visa type: This field will show all options that are available for your citizenship
– Port of arrival: only international airports are accepted.
– Entry date
– Exit date



Besides, you can choose some add-on services in case you need special services:
– Express service: If you need approval letter urgently, you can choose this service.
– Privacy protection: If you need only your name or your group’s name will be showed in separate approval letter, you choose this service.
– On arrival support: If you need person pick up and help you to do procedure for getting visa stamp on arrival (as well as VIP track), you can choose this service.



After you finish these ones, you click next button, and then continue to fill in your personal information:
– Your email: You can fill in 2 different emails which will be used to receive Visa Approval Letter.
– Full Name
– Gender
– Date of Birth
– Passport number
– Passport expiration date



Step 2: Make payment online

When you finish to fill in all information, you will be leaded to the payment’s page which allows you to pay online via paypal (credit card/ debit card available). You choose payment method and make payment.



Step 3: Receive Approval Letter

It takes about 2 working days for getting the result. We will send to you Visa Approval Letter via email. You just check again to make sure that there are no mistake or error, and then print it out.





Step 4: Get visa stamp on arrival

You show Visa Approval Letter for boarding the airplane. When you arrival Vietnam, you come to “visa landing counter” to show Visa Approval Letter and get visa stamp. At that moment, you are required to show approval letter + Vietnamese application form + pay visa stamp fee by cash. This fee is paid at “visa landing counter” directly, and it is depended on type of visa you choose.
When you complete this step, your passport will be got a Vietnam visa stamp which officially allows you to enter Vietnam.

Please contact to us if you have any question or enquiry via email: info@vietnam-evisa.com



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