Vietnam Immigration Department has issued Visa On Arrival system for a long time, which allows tourists or businessmen to get visa at the Vietnamese airports. People coming to Vietnam with tourist or business purpose can directly obtain a visa when they arrive Vietnam instead of submitting at the Vietnamese embassy in their own country. But […]

Indian passport is not in Vietnam visa waiver program, so Indian Citizens need to apply visa before coming to Vietnam. Right now, there are 3 ways to apply Vietnam visa for Indian people

Vietnam is a tourism developed country which is so opened and welcome every citizen to come here and give a visit. India is quite close to Vietnam, so is it possible to enter without visa? 

Vietnam is a tourism developed country and welcome every citizen in the world to visit Vietnam. Therefore, E-visa is issued as an easy way to enter Vietnam for citizens of up to 80 countries and 2 territories without going to Vietnam embassy or consulate in your country to apply for visa.

In order to visit Vietnam, Visa On Arrival is getting much more popular and chosen to enter by many citizens in the world. Indian is one of them.  Besides that, the fee of this visa is also one of the most common questions that Indian citizens want to know. Let’s see how much you will […]

Vietnam is an opened country to welcome everyone to come here and give a visit. It is not only attractive because of many wonderful landscapes, but also very interesting because of a depth of historical stories and diverse cultures. Coming to Vietnam is not difficult for Indian citizens, you can consider to choose the suitable […]

In order to travel somewhere in the world, “how to apply visa” is one of the most common questions that many travelers want to know. For Indian citizens, there are 3 kinds of Vietnam visa that you can consider to apply: E-visa, Visa On Arrival and Visa at Vietnam embassy and consulate.