January 1, 2024
Visa for Indian

[Vietnam Visa 2024] Do Indian Citizens Need To Apply For Vietnam Visa?

Vietnam is a tourism developed country which is so opened and welcome every citizen to come here and give a visit. India is quite close to Vietnam, so is it possible to enter without visa? 

Phu Quoc island is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. Every citizen will be exempted to apply for Vietnam visa in case you choose Phu Quoc island international airport as the enter gate to Vietnam.

However, it is just applicable for those who are going to stay here for not more than 30 days. From the 31st day or you are going to visit other places in Vietnam, you need to apply for Vietnam visa. Therefore, Indian citizens don’t need to get visa before entering.

Indian passport holders need to apply visa before coming to Vietnam

In addition, if you are going to enter Vietnam through other gates, you have to apply for Vietnam visa.

Vietnamese government allows 80 countries and 2 territories to be able to apply for E-visa. For Visa On Arrival, every citizen in the world is allowed to apply for it to enter Vietnam. For Indian citizens, it is possible for you to choose one of these two kinds of visa to apply.

Apply Vietnam visa, click here.


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