January 2, 2022
Visa for Indian

[Vietnam Visa Price 2022] The Fee Of Visa On Arrival For Indian Citizens? 

In order to visit Vietnam, Visa On Arrival is getting much more popular and chosen to enter by many citizens in the world. Indian is one of them. 

Besides that, the fee of this visa is also one of the most common questions that Indian citizens want to know. Let’s see how much you will be needing to pay while applying for it:

For Visa On Arrival, you need to do the payment 2 times:

  1. The first time: Fee to obtain visa approval letter

Firstly, you need to get the approval letter and use it for boarding the airplane and submit it as one of required documents to get the visa stamp on arrival.

After completing the online visa application form via the website or tourism agencies and doing the payment, the approval letter will be sent to you after 48 working hours.

Indian people need to apply visa on arrival letter online first to get permission for getting visa on arrival at Vietnamese airports

Look at the price table as below, you can predetermine about how much you need to pay by VISA, CREDIT or DEBIT card. This fee is applicable for the standard process, you can also require the express service with the extra fee.

Entry The length of stay Price
Single entry 1 month 6 USD
Multiple entry 1 month 8 USD
Single entry 3 months 15 USD
Multiple entry 3 months 20 USD


Take note:

6 months and 12 months visa with multiple entry are not applicable for Indian citizens.

  1. The second time: Stamp fee

After arrival, you need to look for the Visa On Arrival counter and submitting every required documents. In order to get the visa stamp, you will be needing to do the payment for it. Let’s have a look the price table as below:

Entry The length of stay Price
Single entry 1 month to 3 months 25 USD
Multiple entry 1 month to 3 months 50 USD


This price table is fixed for every citizen, no matter what your nationality is. Depending your kind of visa, you can estimate how much you need to pay for it after 2 times you do the payment.


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