What do you intend to do in this summer? Why don’t you come to South East Asia with hundreds of interesting things to explore and enjoy your summertime so meaningful? There 5 countries that you can’t help visiting in South East Asia. Let’s start!   1. Thailand     The first country we want to […]

In the framework of the International Travel Fair VITM 2018 from March 29 to April 1, many tourist corporations offer discounts on tour products and also provide hundreds of gifts to customers. Below are some interesting places in Vietnam that we suggest   1. Ha Long Bay     Located on the West Bank of […]

by Otto Baynes   There are literally thousands of jobs available throughout the Asian countries for English teachers at any given time, and most of them don’t require you to speak the local language. The minimum requirement for many of these jobs is to be a native English speaker, have a clean criminal record and […]

A visa application is worth taking your time over, whether you are trying to secure entry clearance into a country to work, study or for permission to enter a particular country while you are in transit on your way to another final destination. Before you part with your money and submit your visa application, you […]

Attractive year-round, Vietnam is especially popular in July and August, when coastal hotels are booked solid and can command 50% higher rates. Flights to Vietnam can be had at great prices. At the time of this writing, you could fly from Los Angeles to Ho Chi Minh City for under $700 (round trip; brief layover, […]

Are you seeking a reprieve from the onslaught of the gloomy cold-weather months? Then head on over to make an invigorating getaway to any of Asia’s most memorable and least crowded seaside destinations, where you will find sunshine, sandy beaches, heady coastal winds, and clear blue waters. Here are 10 tropical beaches to consider for […]

Vietnam is a backpacker’s dream.  Ancient cities and beautiful sites combine with a favorable exchange rate for cheap lodging and cheap food. Though infrastructure is not as developed as that of nearby Thailand or Malaysia, tourists will find it friendly and easy to get around.   This ten-day itinerary follows the route of the “Reunification […]

Flight delays are unfortunately a standard part of the flying experience. From weather delays to aircraft maintenance problems, any number of reasons can cause your flight to be delayed. Rather than let the anxiety of a delayed flight overwhelm you, managing your travel stress can ensure you’re in a happier mood when the time arrives […]

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