November 1, 2019
Rush Visa

Can I Apply For Vietnam Online Visa Every Time And Get It At The Time While Using The Express Service? 

As you all know, E-visa and Visa On Arrival are both known as two types of online visa. Online visa means that its application process is totally completed via online through the website. Therefore, no matter what the Vietnam time is or your local time is, you can totally access the website and apply for it every time. 

The working time to get E-visa or Visa On Arrival 

E-visa is approved by Vietnamese government where the working time is from Monday to Friday

The approval letter of Visa On Arrival is approved by Vietnamese Immigration Department where the working time is from Monday to Sunday.

Following the working time, E-visa or “the approval letter” will be sent to you via email after 2 working days, or even up to 5 working days.

It would be more convenient and faster to get your visa while using the express service

For those who are in emergency, 2 – 5 working days are too long for them to wait for E-visa or “the approval letter” sent via email. That’s why “the express service” is a great option to help you get it much faster.

With E-visa and “the approval letter”, there are so many options to get it following the time you want:

E-visa: 1 working day (8 hours) and 2 hours

The approval letter: 1 working day (8 hours), 4 hours, 2 hours and 1 hour.

Can I get E-visa or “the approval letter” at the time I want with the express service?

Even though you can apply for Vietnam visa anh choose “the express service” every time in the day, however, the express service still depends on the time you apply to be approved.

For example:

  • If you are going to apply before 8 AM (the Vietnam time) and use the express service with 1 working day (hour), your visa will be sent by 7 PM at the same day.
  • If you are going to apply later than 8 AM (afternoon or evening) and want to get it at the same day within only 8 hours, it is not approved and the process will be moved to the day after.

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