Are you seeking the information necessary to contact the Vietnam E-visa support staff on the official website of the Vietnamese government? Do you wish to speed up the processing of your Vietnam e-visa application since you filed it a long time ago, but it is still shown as “in processing”? If this is the case, […]

I applied for a Vietnam E-visa on the government website more than three days ago, but its status is still “in processing.” What can I do to speed up the process since my admission date is approaching?

You are getting ready for your vacation to Vietnam, but you realised that you failed to reach an entrance visa. You are going to miss your trip to Vietnam owing to visa requirements? If that’s the case, you’ve found the proper place to be! Our company offers a crisis solution for obtaining a Vietnam visa […]

When Vietnam once again allows foreigners to get an electronic visa and opens its borders, a large number of visa applications are filed online. Consequently, the time required to complete an application for an e-visa to Vietnam is significantly lengthened during this time. When it comes to urgent inquiries about admission into Vietnam, finding a […]

If you are planning to go to Vietnam shortly but do not yet have a visa, you should investigate ways to expedite the processing of your Vietnam visa as soon as possible. What would you say if it was weekend today? Is there any possibility that a Vietnam e-visa may be processed over the weekend? […]

Currently, the only option to enter Vietnam is with an electronic visa (E-visa) since the Vietnam visa on arrival system is still closed. However, the Vietnam E-visa application procedure might be lengthy (at least three working days). How do you handle the visa in a hurry situation? How to acquire a Vietnam e-visa quickly and […]

E-visas will likely be the sole option available after the Vietnam government resumes normal operations following COVID-19. However, obtaining a Vietnam E-visa takes a significant amount of time. In the event that I need to apply for a Vietnam e-visa immediately, how can I speed up the application process? Is there any way to acquire […]

Vietnam opened again electronic visa for Uruguayan passport holders from March 2022, so Uruguayan people can easily apply a Vietnam visa to come to Vietnam now. However, when preparing for the trip to Vietnam, please pay attention to the time for getting Vietnam electronic visa. How many days for processing Vietnam electronic visa for Uruguayan? […]

Solomon passport holders can apply Vietnam electronic visa again from March 2022, however, in rush cases, how do they apply the urgent visa? Is Vietnam electronic visa can be applied urgently for Solomon? How to expedite the visa application process for Solomon passport holders? In this article, you will find all information related to urgent […]

Urgent Vietnam electronic visa (fast or emergency electronic visa) is available for Slovenian from 2022. Slovenian passport holders can use the express service to apply Vietnam electronic visa urgently. How to expedite the Vietnam electronic visa for Slovenian? How fast to get urgent Vietnam visa for Slovenian people? We will find the answer below.

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